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Have any dog questions or puppy questions? If you do, this is the page to ask away and we will provide our best answer as promptly as we can.

To launch this page, this service will initially be fr*ee, but it may not stay that way if we get overwhelmed with questions. Even webmasters have to sleep!

We also invite our smart visitors to post an answer to any question about which they have knowledge, by using the "comment" function which is shown below the question. After all we're not pretending to know everything!

So if you have a dog or puppy related question that's been on your mind, take this opportunity to ask it by using the form below and we'll get to the answer as soon as possible.

Just to give you an idea, some of the questions most often asked by pet owners, mainly fall into these categories:

Puppy behavior, dog behavior, general puppy/dog health and wellness, puppy training and puppy house training, puppy development, puppy growth, dog obedience training, puppy feeding, dog nutrition etc. But many times dog owners just want to know about products that will help to solve a particular problem.

A Couple Of Things To Note Before
You Ask Your Dog Questions

1.We have already written about many common dog and puppy issues that have been asked in emails from our visitors. So, if your dog question has already been addressed we will link our answer to the appropriate page. Just as in dog training, we like to keep it simple!

2.Pet health related questions, are best answered by your veterinary professional, unless they are of a very basic general information type.

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We don't profess to know everything :-)

Weird Lump On My Dog's Knee 
I have taken my dog to the vet and he told me the lump on my dog's knee is dermatitis and gave me a shampoo to use. I have used the whole bottle as he …

What Should I Do With My New Puppy
While At Work?
I have a 7-month-old Rat Terrier who is fully potty trained, she needs a lot of attention and absolutely loves being around other dogs. My step-mom …

Should We Really Be Considering A Puppy? 
Hi, I am looking for some very general advice to help me through an emotional decision - we very recently lost our much loved Golden Retriever and this …

Can Dogs Eat Lima Beans 
Here's an interesting question sent in by one of our Dog Spoiling visitors: Can dogs eat Lima Beans? Answer From the Editors at Dog-Spoiling …

Pulling M's hair out Not rated yet
I have an 11-month-old dog I call Smudge. She was born with with black spots. When her fur started changing color, I said it looked like she was smudged …

Your Best Guess As To Possible Breeds
In My Dog's Mix?
 Not rated yet
My puppy, Maya, was a rescue. Her first owner gave her away three times and each time she was returned. I was her last chance, and she was so scared. …

8-month Puppy Just Started Sucking His Stuff Animals Not rated yet
Here's Sylvia's question: My 8 month old Boston Terrier just started to suck on his stuffed animals as if he were nursing. Is this normal behavior …

Dog Odor Problem Not rated yet
We have a 90 pound Border Collie, German Shepherd, Rottweiler cross who is almost 12 years old. The past couple of years he has developed a very bad …

My Rottweiler Leads ME
While Taking HER On Walks.
 Not rated yet
Okay, I rescued my Rottie, Brownie, at 6 months, after she escaped from her home. But my brother's friends were her owners and were going to give her to …

Pregnant Dog - Flea Protection Not rated yet
Here is a question about a topic that concerns every dog or cat owner: Question: Can you use a flea or tick powder, oils or collar on a pregnant dog? …

How To Stop Puppy Poop Eating  Not rated yet
One of our visitors asks this puppy question: How to stop your puppy from eating poop?? I've been picking it up quickly, but sometimes not fast …

Is It Normal For A Dog To Pant After Giving Birth? Not rated yet
My dog gave birth this morning and the puppies seem to be doing fine. We are worried however why she is still panting 13 hours later. There are so …

Parvo in Puppies? Not rated yet
Yesterday my 8 week old puppy got his first vaccine and started a 3 day series of heart worm medicine. This morning when we woke up he was dry heaving …

How much food does a 9 week old Puppy need ? Not rated yet
I have 8 nine-week-old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppies, who are just weening from their mom. I am feeding them Wellness canned puppy formula, …

Puppy Behaviour
4-month-old Rottweiler/Shepherd
Weighing 27 lbs
 Not rated yet
My Rottweiler/Shephard pup is 4 months old and she is already dreading to be locked up in the house. She chews on the bathroom door and anything that's …

Breed Relations - Herding Dogs Not rated yet
I was told that when Herding dogs get together in an open atmosphere, they tend to roam. Is there any basis to this theory? We have an Australian Shepherd …

Shar Pei - My Pups New Friend? Not rated yet
I already have a (beautiful!) 6-month-old Collie bitch, and am giving some serious thought to re-homing a 12-week-old Shar Pei. Are they likely to …

How Long From Having Pups To When Bitch Comes Back Into Season Not rated yet
I am wondering when you count the time to when a bitch comes into season is it from when she has pups or when she came into season ??? Answer …

How Do You Know If A Dog Has Been Accepted By Its Pack? Not rated yet
We have four Akitas, mother, father and two pups. One of the pups seems to always go its own way while the other three seem to stay together in a click. …

Miniature Border Collie
Does This Breed Exist ?
 Not rated yet
One of our visitors has asked this question: Is there such a dog breed as a Miniature Border Collie? Our answer is below and we invite visitors to …

Pregnant Obese Dog Not rated yet
I have a Boston Terrier who might be pregnant and I need a diet or recipe I can put together to help her. I want healthy puppies but for her to lose …

Health Question - Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Not rated yet
Hello, I have a 1-1/2 year old male Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and all of a sudden today he started pooping a yellow liquid. A few hours after …

Diarrhea  Not rated yet
What do you recommend for Diarrhea? Answer From the Editors at Dog-Spoiling Hello Pam, Thanks for writing to us with your …

What Dog Should I Get? Not rated yet
My name is Carina and I'm only 15, but I love animals. My dad and I are the only ones in our home. We had a miniature Italian Greyhound a year ago. He …

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Puppy Poos And Pees Everywhere Not rated yet
We have a 2-1/2 month chi-poo. When we first got him, we put puppy pads down and he was very good about peeing on the pads. He would poo everywhere else. …

How To Cure A Pembroke`s Bite Not rated yet
My Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Booker, has a serious problem. He won`t stop biting, and I don`t mean a nip, I mean a bite! Plus, he is only 4 weeks old. …

My 11-month Puppy May Have Gotten Pregnant... Not rated yet
I have an 11-month old puppy, she will be a year the first week of January. She went into heat last week, on Wednesday, December 22, 2010, - well that …

How to stop my rottie from pulling on lead and being aggressive to some other dogs Not rated yet
Hi there, Earlier this year, I believe it was around May, we rescued a beautiful male Rottweiler (Rottie) from a kennel. His name is Jazz and we think …

Concentrated Urine - Plus
Low Interest In Water
 Not rated yet
I have a 5 month old teacup Yorkie puppy. I got him from a reputable breeder and he has had all of his shots. My concern is he doesn't really like …

Puppy Puddles Not rated yet
Hi, My husband and I recently got a Doberman puppy. We have been trying to potty train her and she will use the potty pads, but only randomly - …

Is My Dog Pregnant? Not rated yet
I've read about the standard ways to tell if a dog is pregnant. My dog seems to have some swelling in the area around the vulva. She also seems to …

After Dog Giving Birth? Not rated yet
My question is about how soon after giving birth can you give your bitch a bath or send them to the groomer? Answer From the Editors …

Help Me Potty Train My Dog please! Not rated yet
Okay so I have two cute Boxer dogs and one of them we just got around a month ago and he won't stop peeing in the house. I've researched and researched …

Dog Pregnancy How Many Days? Not rated yet
I'd like to know about dog pregnancy, specifically how many days between the first mating hookup and arrival of puppies... Answer From the …

What If Your Dog Won't Eat Like A Dog Should? Not rated yet
Hello, I have a little Chihuahua and he won't eat anything but human food. I think it's because he's been fed human food by his last owners since he …

How To Do A Chihuahua Dog Spa Not rated yet
My dog is a Chihuahua and I would like to give her a dog spa day. Can I do the dog spa day without bathing her and how would you suggest I go about …

How Do I Keep My Puppy From Nipping Me? Not rated yet
My puppy tends to be a nipper. How can I stop her from nipping? Answer From the Editors at Dog-Spoiling Hi Loretta, It seems you …

Why do puppies eat feces? Not rated yet
I have a 4 month old Yorkie. He is working very hard on his manners and house breaking. However, when we go for a walk I have noticed him trying to eat …

Short Nights Not rated yet
Hi, I have 14 Papillons (I breed and show... ages 9 months to 14 years). Two of the dogs sleep on my bed, the rest sleep in their crates. They used …

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