How To Stop Puppy Poop Eating

One of our visitors asks this puppy question:

How to stop your puppy from eating poop??

I've been picking it up quickly, but sometimes not fast enough!!

Answer From the Editors at Dog-Spoiling

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While we are naturally put off by this type of behavior, poop eating, medically referred to as coprophagy, is not at all uncommon in puppies.

Puppies are very curious about everything as they explore the new world around them. Putting stuff in their mouths is enjoyable and often the way they investigate anything they discover.

This is one of the main reasons dog owners are advised to "puppy-proof" their home prior to getting a new puppy.

As far as your new puppy is concerned, while this type of behavior is very repellent, it is not abnormal and not necessarily dangerous unless he is devouring feces that contain eggs of parasites. He might also have a case of worms.

Occasionally the trigger can be when a pet is suffering from malabsorbtion which means they are not fully digesting their food or its nutrients and as a result they still feel hungry.

Sometimes pets will eat feces of other animals including that of cats and horses to obtain nutrients missing in their own diet.

Many people ask "why does my dog eat poop" when they have a new puppy because this is usually the time when the problem first starts.

Because a puppy does not have any health "history" at this age, it is definitely an appropriate time to take him to the vet for a wellness check and to rule out worms, or any conditions that may be linked to the poop eating activity, as well as to check out his diet for possible nutritional deficiencies.

While this may just be a passing phase for a puppy, it is still a good idea for owners to take steps to disrupt the unpleasant behavior as best they can to prevent it becoming habitual.

Some helpful things that can help to stop puppy poop eating, include:

  • Taking the puppy for walks to get him away from the "scene of the crime". This will give him other interesting and new things to explore, as well as a chance to begin the exciting process of socialization.

  • Plus, the thing about walks is that they usually stimulate puppies to do their business. Because of this, it is quite likely you will be able to catch him trying to eat the stools. If and when he does, you can stop the activity with a firm "no", bag the feces and continue on your walk.

  • A few times of catching him in the act and disrupting the behavior with a correction, should get positive results quite quickly.

    P.S. Don't forget to give him praise when he leaves the poop alone!

  • When he is at home with you, try to keep him occupied by providing an assortment of toys to prevent boredom and some additional one-on-one play times.

    Boredom is quite often the cause of unwanted behavior.

  • One other thing to note, but which might not apply in your situation, is this: If a puppy has been scolded for any poop accidents around the house, this could be another reason for his devouring them to avoid punishment.

    Hopefully, your puppy's poop eating syndrome will soon be a thing of the past.

    Poop Eating Deterrents For Pets

    No Poo Dog Chews

    Ingredients in these products are designed to make the "stool treats" unappetizing both in taste and smell.

    May also contain probiotics and/or digestive enzymes to help with nutrient absorption from your dog's regular food.

    Plus herbs and vitamins for digestive health benefits.

    Remember to give to other pets if "their" stool is also a target for consumption.

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