Pet Clothes For...
When The North Wind Doth Blow?
When The Sun Shines Brightly On The Mountaintop?
Or, It's Raining Cats And Dogs?

There's more to pet clothes than just a fun way to highlight your dog's uniqueness, be she a cheeky little rascal or a pugnacious pup. And, while it has become trendy to dress up our furry friends as celebrities often do, there's also a practical side to pet clothing.

Size And Coat Type Does Matter...Many dog parents have come to realize that some pets of a certain breed or size can really benefit from clothing based on climate or health conditions.

So, if you have a pet that's a bit of a ham or a little diva who enjoys being "poshed-up", let them bask in the limelight while keeping them protected in some of the stylish dog clothes coming up.

If your pet is freezing in a bitter wind or roasting in the sun, maybe it's time to give him a little extra TLC in the wardrobe department!

Year Round Favorite Pet Clothes

Pet t-shirts are a popular and versatile piece of clothing for any size dogs. On a cold day a t-shirt can provide a bit of extra warmth especially for dogs with very short hair such as Miniature Italian Greyhounds, Whippets or Chihuahuas.

With a breed that sheds a lot, a shirt can trap some of the hair that might otherwise end up on your couch or carpet. This can also be helpful to people with allergies to dander.

The Blueberry soft terry shirts above are high quality and perfect for your pet on these occasions:

  • after a bath or a dip in the doggy pool
  • when the a/c is turned on - especially for dogs with thinner coats
  • or any day there a little chill in the air

Pet parents say the pet shirts are really cute, wash well and think they are a great value for the price.

Besides the obvious fun reasons for dressing your small or big dog in stylish dog clothes, the practical reason is that very often some pets actually need a coat or sweater to stay warm and protect their vital organs from the cold.

In fact, the really tiny dogs can benefit from wearing jackets and sweaters most of the time to keep from shivering.

However, the level of protection they need to have from pet clothes, does vary, mainly depending on the temperature inside or out. Luckily there are many choices to fit the climate, from lightweight clothes for pets to more protective weight.

Your pet doesn't need to shiver on chilly days if he has a Gooby fleece vest - shown above. The vest is a pullover style and the stretchy fleece will ensure a good fit for any pet's body shape.

Pet parents will love that the vest is easy to get on or off especially on those cold nights when Rover needs to go outside.  The vest is a one piece coat so no velcro closure to worry about catching a pet's hair!  Machine washable and comes in a variety of sizes and colors.

Pet Clothes For Walking In The Rain

It goes without saying that on some days your pet will need a charming dog raincoat. And, if he has one, your pooch might not actually mind being taken out on a rainy day!

Being ready for all kinds of weather to keep your pet protected, there's no need to worry about something to wear for any occasion if his wardrobe has the coolest dog clothing.

No need to skip the walk on a rainy day. With an umbrella for you and a fashionable rain slicker for your dog, you'll be all set. Plus, the vibrant yellow color will also ensure your pet is easily seen on low-visibility days.

The raincoat is made of durable 100% polyester waterproof fabric and has chest straps for adjustments plus a leash hole.

Summertime And The Living...Is Hot!

The long days of Summer are certainly fun, but not always a good time for one man and his dog to be out when the temperature's rising.

That is, unless a thoughtful pet parent has planned ahead to help their dog "chill out" with a cooling vest like the one shown below.

This vest's reflective material deflects heat from the sun providing instant relief and greatly helps a pet control body temperature. The vest itself works by using prolonged evaporation technology which simply means the vest starts out wet and the subsequent evaporation as it dries has a cooling effect.

Along with adjustable straps for individual fit and a leash attachment opening, the vest is easy to put on and be ready to go in no time.

  • While not exactly clothing for dogs, these doggie booties are handy to have for extreme weather where pavements could be burning hot, or in winter, icy cold and salted to boot - excuse the pun. Although these booties would not be normal every day wear, experts say that in harsh conditions they provide good dog paw protection for your pet.

    If your summer climate is not extreme and you have a pet that is short-haired or has almost no hair such as the Chinese Crested, then a protective sun shirt, similar to a rashguard, is an alternate way to protect him outside. White-coated dogs are especially vulnerable to sun damage.

    Pet Clothing Accessories For Safety

    Like to take nighttime walks? If you do, then keeping both you and your dog visible to other walkers, bicyclists, or approaching traffic is an important safety measure.

    Some of the accessories you can use along with pet clothes for this purpose include:

    • a reflective dog leash,
    • reflective dog collar,
    • or a reflective dog harness also referred to as a vest

    Summertime weather often brings with it some impressive and exciting thunder storms. Rover might not agree with the "exciting" part being more apt to view the sights and sounds as frightening enough to run off in a panic and hide.

    To keep a pet safe by calming him down, the thunder shirt has been a very successful wearable piece of clothing for dogs that applies just the right amount of pressure around his torso to relieve anxiety - just like a hug!

    The Thunder Shirt has been an amazing solution for other types of anxiety as well - you know "the Vet", "fireworks", "home alone" etc.

    Pet Clothes - In Summary

    Here's the thing, there are pet outfits to fit every occasion, but the most popular clothes are those for Cold weather...This is a given. Stepping outside for the daily walk on a snowy morning, you'll want to make sure that Fido is protected. Hey, you wouldn't go without your coat, would you?

    Rainy weather... No need for you and your dog to become couch potatoes on rainy days when there are so many cute dog raincoats to be had. Many dogs are reluctant to face the rain, but you can coax them out with a stylish dog raincoat to keep them dry.

    The same goes for chilly days of summer and spring. Even in the best of climates, the weather can turn stormy and cold. Don't miss a refreshing walk when you can just grab a dog coat or sweater and go.

    We couldn't leave without highlighting one "fun" piece of small dog clothing that your pet might wear to make a splash at a festive occasion, such as Halloween, or just to take the chill off.

    Take a look at this handmade colorful poncho made from and authentic Mexican blanket.

    Measuring Your Dog For Pet Clothes

    Be sure to measure your dog from the base of the head to the base of the tail by using a piece of string or yarn, then compare the result to a tape measure. Jot it down. Move on to the girth (that the chest at the widest part) in the same manner and jot it down.

    Lastly take a neck measurement.

    Now you'll have the information you need to order any garment from any manufacturer, because there will be variations between different products and vendors. If your dog is between sizes, choose the larger size.

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