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The best dog ramp for your dog naturally depends on the purpose for which it is intended. Probably the most frequent use of a ramp is for the car or SUV so we'll start there.

Pets on the go not only need a ramp to help them get in and out of vehicles, they also provide them with long term protection against wear and tear on their joints and that's something of real value!

Arthritis is a common health issue for our canine friends and it seems to me that if we can do anything to delay or even avoid its onset, it's a worthwhile proposition, both in terms of our pets avoiding pain and us avoiding the resulting vet bills!

We found it to be a close call the settle on the best dog ramp for a vehicle, so we'll show you our two top choices.

pet using folding car ramp for dog

Favorite Folding Ramp With Textured Surface
Supports all dogs up to very large and has a wide
pathway and gentler slope that may be better for
older pets to use.

That being said, because dogs are so agile in their youth and usually free of joint problems, dog ramps are often overlooked as a way to make daily activities more comfortable and protect pets against injury.

pet using petstep original folding dog ramp to get into open tailgate of car

PetStep Folding Ramp With Secure Non-Slip Ridged Surface providing especially good traction in wet conditions. Supports dogs up to 500 lbs!

Health and Safety

If you are reading this page, you probably already know something about the value of pet ramps. So ask yourself – in fact ask Rover – what’s the best way him to get into a car, van or truck? Does he want to make a leap for it or have a nice convenient ramp to make the task easier and safer? Your dog might very well answer, or at least be thinking, “You don’t leap into vans or cars, do you?”.

But the fact remains.... just because your dog can jump to access things in high places, doesn’t mean he should!

Our dogs come in all shapes, sizes, ages, and health condition and depend on us throughout their lives to look out for their comfort, well-being and safety.

Be Smart - Use The Best Dog Ramp While They're Young

Many dog breeds are prone to hip problems and studies have shown that it is easy for a dog to sustain injury from jumping. If owners familiarize their furry companions with the use of the best dog ramps from a young age, their pets will have the advantage of life-long protection from potential injury. They will also have the mobility to go everywhere with you - and that is a real plus!

Bottom’s a good practice for pet owners to provide dog ramps so that dogs don't have to jump into vehicles or onto furniture and risk injury. Want more convincing? OK, here are a few beneficial reasons to consider having dog ramps or steps available for your pet:

  • To provide assistance to a pet that is slowing down and feeling the effects of old age, or is recovering from an illness.
  • Getting into a raised dog bath or onto a grooming table.
  • To ease the pain of a dog that is arthritic or overweight, but still wants to get around and be involved with you.

Best Dog Ramp For Everyday Uses

boat ramp for dog
Boat Ramp For Dog
  • Getting in and out of vehicles especially SUVs, trucks, motor homes, trailers or just a regular car when it comes to small dogs.
  • Getting onto the couch or bed – yes some spoiled dogs are allowed on the furniture!
  • Getting onto "their very own" spoiled doggie couch.
  • Help for a dog that likes looking out the windows to check up on your neighbors.
  • Getting on/off boats at mooring sites where the water may be deep.
  • Flotation safety devices for pools – some pet ramps convert to multiple uses.

Best Dog Ramp For Bed Or Couch

A very familiar sight is a 'spoiled' furry companion on the bed or couch, so making it easier for them to do this is a no brainer! Here is one of the most popular and budget-friendly choices:

white dog on pet stairs for couch or bed, by pet gear

Let's get down to the nitty gritty...

First and foremost decide which assistance your dog needs: a dog bed ramp or dog stairs, or both. If your pet is arthritic, consider which will be the easiest for him to navigate. Pet ramps are available with different features. Many are adjustable – as in telescoping. Some can be used for both indoor and outdoor uses. Surfaces include rubberized and carpeted tread.

Indoor pet ramps and doggie steps are available with different slope grades, number of risers, and different widths to suit your dog and the intended purpose.

Many are designed to fit in with your décor. Some are carpeted, some plastic, some are made with solid furniture grade wood. You can choose according to your dog’s needs and your budget. A very popular budget-friendly 2-step model is this one:

What To Look For In Selecting The Best Dog Ramp Or Stairs

  • How easy are the ramps to adjust, assemble, set up and store?
  • What is the weight tolerance - it is sturdy enough for your pet?
  • Safety – are the pet stairs well stabilized and secure? No wobbly platforms.
  • Does the dog ramp have a non-slip tread for bad weather or when wet, or stay-put feet?
  • What will be the primary use – choose a product to fit the purpose whether for indoor or outdoor use.

Ramps For "You" And Your Back!

Finally, do yourself and your back a favor – lifting a dog frequently can put a strain on you too. Seriously consider the advantages of getting the best dog ramp for your pet, or if your dog pal is smaller, dog stairs might be another option depending on the use you have in mind. Either way, everyone will benefit.

While on the road and once you have your pet safely on board, make sure he buckles-up his seat belt!

More Dog Seat Belts here.

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