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Let's not mince words here, selecting top rated dog food for your dog is the single best way to spoil him. Not only is sound nutrition a benefit to his health, the superior taste will add enormous enjoyment to his mealtimes.

And, there's no doubt that if every dog had his choice, wholesome, tasty food would be in - bland and boring would be out!

If you've already made up your mind to start feeding your dog a premium diet, you may find my best organic dog food guide very helpful.

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Does Your Dog Seem Hungry?

Do your pets still seem hungry after they have already been fed?
While it's not uncommon for dogs to hang about for an extra treat, have you ever wondered if this is a sign that they're not getting the right nutrients in their own food for optimal health and to satisfy their appetite?

Typical supermarket commercial dog food just doesn't cut it.

One glance at the labels tells the story: chemicals, by-products, fillers, words you can't pronounce ... well you get the picture. Doesn't sound close to being healthy, much less gourmet! Plus, the ingredients listed on labels can be deliberately misleading and designed to fool consumers.

One option that I enjoy and our dogs have always loved, is making home made from scratch. It's really the only way to know exactly what's in the food and the quality of the ingredients. But I don't prepare home made food exclusively, I include it in a rotation with other premium brands of dog food that I trust. I think this is a nutritional win/win and the dogs definitely enjoy the rotation - hey it gets boring to eat the same thing all the time!

Healthy Dog Food Recipe Book

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Nutritious Recipes For Dogs

Bad vs Good Top Rated Dog Food

As you probably know, many inferior dog foods are also high in fat, salt and sugar - we know this isn't good for humans - and it's no different for pets.

Then there is the processing and what it does to strip the food value, not to mention stabilizers and preservatives - just doesn't sound like any kind of dog food a pet would kick up his heels about at mealtime!

It's amazing the difference when pets are fed something real and a joy to see their eyes light up in anticipation of mealtimes.

So here's what you can do...

Make sure the dog food you choose has nutritious ingredients not a bunch of fillers and you'll be off to a good start! To be more precise, confirm that the first item on the product label is whole meat protein - not "meal" and sourced in the U.S. Also, human grade is the ideal.

If you care about your dog - and we know you do - he'll be ever so thankful you took the time to get this right.

Many authorities on the subject recommend the best way to achieve optimum health for your dog, is to offer a natural raw - or very lightly cooked - diet. Take a look at our dog food comparisons page to find our top food choice.

Is Cheap Dog Food Really Cheap?

When it comes to your dog's health, penny wise and pound foolish is not in a pet's best interest! Those bad ingredients with strange sounding names that's in the cheap stuff, can run up the tab at the vet a lot more than you'd like!

On the other hand, you may be rightly wondering about the cost of top rated dog food? Actually, while it appears higher in price, the recommended portions will be less. Why? Because when the ingredients are of the best quality a lesser amount is needed to meet your pet's nutritionally needs and gratification.

Think of it this way, which would be best for your health: scrambled eggs, fresh fruit and whole grain toast OR a plate of twinkies?

Many experts agree the benefits of a high quality diet can help your dog avoid food induced illnesses. Vet visits can get costly as I previously noted!

Help Your 4-Legger Stay Healthy

Your don't have to take a chance on questionable dog food when you can choose a top rated dog food, or quite easily prepare good tasting healthy food recipes for your pets in minutes a day.

You'll be helping your four-legged friend thrive and enjoy more activity throughout his lifespan. That is the kind of spoiling that is transforming!

If your dog could talk, don't you think he'd be asking for a decent meal that is tasty, satisfying and helps him stay fit.

So what's the bottom line? In my humble opinion, check out the top rated dog food brands and find the most natural one to suit your dog's needs.

Dr. Pitcairn's New Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs

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