Daycare For Dogs
A Day of Play Or An Extended Stay!

Daycare for dogs is one of the solutions many pet parents turn to for their pet's care while they are away from home, be it for a job or other obligations. Dropping off a pet at a reliable pet care facility lessens the stress of juggling busy schedules to meet family priorities.

dogs in daycarePet Day Care

After a long day at work, or even longer from a business trip, it's nice to come home to a pet that's been well-taken care of at day care.

Instead of  stressed out from being home alone, your dog will be more relaxed and happy to see you because he has enjoyed some playtime and exercise. He'll have no need to act out any feelings of neglect because he has had fun instead of a being bored!

And you will feel good because you're too darn tired to take him for a walk!

Benefits of Daycare For Dogs

While day care may not be suitable for every pet, for many  it is a match made in heaven.  Certainly it could be the most ideal option for pets with separation anxiety.

Among the many helpful experiences at pet day care, socialization with other dogs is one of the greatest advantages for your pet.

In a supervised daycare, not only will your pooch learn how to behave around other dogs, they will also learn how to behave around humans!

Most people who bring their dogs to doggie day care describe it as a fantastic experience for their dog. No matter what their age, they love the "no-cage" freedom of the environment. Even older pets seem to thrive and become rejuvenated after spending time with other dogs.

A  daycare visit a couple of times a week can also accustom a dog to the facility so that when you have to leave him for longer periods, he'll already feel comfortable being there.

Dog sitters that come to your home to exercise and play with your dog, is another option if your dog is more of a homebody and enjoys more one on one attention.

Either way, pets benefit from the social interaction and are more contented dogs.

Choosing Daycare For Your Dog

dog sleeping with toys
Here is a checklist and some things to review before selecting your dog's day care. You may have other concerns, so write them down before you go.

Good facilities should be happy to have you tour the place, stick around a while to observe the action and answer your questions. Some dog day care facilities may even be able to provide references from satisfied customers.
  • Ratio of staff to dogs. Are there sufficient staff to supervise playtime and other activities, as well as provide some one-on-one attention?
  • What is the max capacity and is the facility big enough to keep large and small pets separated?
  • Pay a few random visits to check housekeeping throughout the day. Cleanliness is a very good indicator of a well-run camp.
  • What about safety measures. Do they have an evacuation plan?
  • Are staff trained in dealing with dogs that misbehave?
  • What are the health and/or vaccinations requirements?
  • How are vet emergencies handled?
  • Are the staff Canine First Aid certified?
  • Does the facility have a quiet area for dogs that want to take naps?
  • Who's in charge? Is the dog day care owner-run? This is a biggie - standards will most likely be higher if the owner is on board.

The care provided by dog day care services can be a thoroughly positive way to spoil the dog you love, but choose wisely. Take time time to find a place with a trained staff whose top priority is your dog's safety, well-being and of course, fun!

Then you'll truly have peace of mind knowing that your best friend is in good hands.

dogs running and playing in day care facilityThis is Fun!

Services At High End Daycare For Dogs

Most commercial facilities will offer, in addition to supervised daycare: overnight boarding, training - group or private, and grooming.

Higher end places usually have more extensive services to offer. This list will give you an idea of what's being offered by various pet resorts:

  • Web cam so you can look in on your dog from work or home - online
  • Fresh Purified water and healthy treats
  • Bathing, grooming
  • Dog pick-up and drop-off
  • Special diets accommodated
  • Medication administered
  • Progress reports available daily
  • Companionship with other dogs and people
  • Creative Exercise - some even have tennis ball machines so dogs can fetch to their hearts content
  • Behavior modification and individualized attention
  • Arts and crafts? Yes - your dog may bring home a ceramic paw print!
  • Cage free environment - lots of room for free play
  • Aromatherapy and Massages
  • Entertainment - videos dogs enjoy watching!
  • No stress environment - play or plop
  • Puppy training and other specific training
  • Climate and/or Viral controlled atmosphere
  • Piped in music

Daycare - As A Useful Resource Anytime

Besides, the benefits that day care can provide to your dog, there are many day-to-day family events where it can be a life-saver:

  • You're getting started on a house re-modeling project.
  • Your house is up for sale and real estate agents are showing the property at random times.
  • Someone in your family is sick and needs extra attention.
  • You "sold" your house and it has to be tented.
  • Your dog is very active and you'd like him to burn off "his"extra energy instead of your's!

and so on...

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