Advantages Of Pet Sitters

Hiring a pet sitter when you are away from home, has many advantages that, depending on your needs, may make this the best choice for your dog's care.

It's always hard to leave our pets when we go out of town on vacation or even just take a day trip, which is why many of us take our dog along instead, that is if we can.

In our people-oriented thinking, most of us assume that the dog will really enjoy our vacation or a weekend break - and to be fair some of them probably do.

But in reality, if you asked them and they could answer, your pets might surprise you by voting to stay at home in their familiar surroundings.

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Think about it from a dog's point of view. Once Fido's excitement of going along has worn off, he may start wondering what is going on and why am I going to these strange places where there are strange people and is something bad going to happen to me?

In fact, he may start wishing he was back home where things are more predictable. Is it really any wonder?

A Pet Sitter Keeps Rover's Routine Predictable

Dogs are, for the most part, creatures of habit and having a predictable routine gives them a feeling of stability and security. Going on a trip may actually make them feel quite nervous, which is probably the reason some dogs throw up in these situations.

One of the many benefits of hiring a pet sitter to come to your home, is the comforting thought that you won't have to break the mold of his routine and confuse your dog.

Things will stay pretty much the same, including his food and the time of day he is used to eating. You know, the important stuff!

A pet sitter can visit at regular times of the day to walk, play and feed your dog, or even stay in your home and take care of a few other things at the same time. It's your option.

Although Rover may miss you initially, he'll be surrounded by his familiar world and won't feel like the entire rug has been pulled out from under him.

Plus, if you plan ahead, your dog will have already been introduced to the new friend and you will have assured yourself that there is good karma between them.

Benefits Of Hiring Pet Sitters

  • You are a working family, travel occasionally or have irregular hours
  • Your dog is prone to motion sickness during travel
  • Your dog doesn't do well in boarding facilities
  • Your pet is old or not in the best of health
  • Your pet is much happier as a homebody
  • Sometimes you have to leave town on short notice with no time to plan
  • You need a regular dog walker because of your own health
  • A Pet sitter may also house sit and take care of a few basic chores

How to Find A Pet Sitter, Walker, House Sitter And More

You can screen a potential pet sitter through boutique agencies where they are registered and find individuals who meet your criteria for availability, location, honesty, experience, references, as well as pricing.

This can all be done in a very confidential manner without any initial commitment. is an excellent resource.

Some agencies also offer a complete range of complementary services including nannies, elder care, house sitters or dog walkers. Maybe you have a grandma living with you who also needs some help while you're gone.

So, next time you are going on a trip or even during the busy holiday season when you may be away for the day, why not plan ahead and arrange for Fido to meet with a pet sitter to see if he enjoys the experience.

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