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dog reading the paper This page of dog articles includes a variety of topics that we hope will be of interest to all pet owners. Some are seasonally related, some are often overlooked items, some more specific, unique, or just new ideas to improve Fido's life!

Please don't hesitate to use our contact form to let us know what other topics you'd like us to bark about here.

Noisy Neighbor Dog? - Help Is At Hand

Excessive dog barking can really drive people to extreme measures. Try to stay calm while we give you some tips on how to stop dog barking. No need to shoot the dog or get into a fight with the neighbor!

Dogs And Chocolate

It's no surprise that dogs would like chocolate once they get a taste of it, but it's one sweet indulgence that owners should keep just for themselves! Read this important article Can A Dog Die From Chocolate to find out more.

Eco-Friendly Dog

Green-up your dog with eco-friendly products. Find out which natural pet products dogs are barking about.

Dating Time

Don't send Rover to the dog house when you meet someone new. Find out if your date has dog karma..
Dog Lovers And Dating - Take Rover Along If You Love-a Him!

Pet Portraits

Create lasting memories of treasured dogs. Your dog is special so why not capture his uniqueness in a custom portrait and put it in a place of honor for all to see and admire. Go here to get started on Rover's work of art!

Socializing Your Puppy

Puppy socialization should be an essential part of every spoiled dog's education. If you want your pampered pup to grow up into a happy and well-accepted adult, he needs to be introduced to the world around him with the help of your guidance. This article: Socializing Your Puppy will get you started.

Is Your Dog A Digger - Need Some Help?

Unfortunately it's oh so true that dogs naturally like to dig. But when the digging gets out of hand, it's time interrupt Rover's digging cycle. Find out how and save your back yard from being ruined.

Housetraining Flexibility

Sometimes you need a bit more flexibility when it comes to potty training your dog. The indoor dog potty is a useful training aide and there are many reasons why you might want to consider it. Check out the link above to find out more.

Dog Pack Leader - Is It You Or Rover?

If your dog sometimes ignores you, or worse yet, tries to call all the shots, maybe it's because he thinks he's the dog pack leader. Learn how you can take back the helm before Rover gets way too bossy!

How Could You

Among all the dog articles I've read and written, this one written through the eyes of a dog, should be required reading reading for anyone planning to bring home a family dog.

Perhaps then, more dogs would live long and happy lives! Get out the tissues before you begin!

Be Ready For Those New Puppies

Spoiling takes on a special meaning when your dog is expecting a litter. Show her you care by helping with the birth day preparations!
Whelping Boxes For Dogs - Don't Be Caught Without One!

Dog Chillin Music & Other Tips For Separation Anxiety

If you get pangs of guilt when you have to leave your dog for a few hours, this article is for you.
Help For Home Alone Dogs - How To Help Them Cope And Be Happy!

separation Anxietydog music

Moving Tips

Moving can be stressful for the whole family and frightening to a pet, but it doesn't have to be. With a good plan, it can be a breeze.
Moving With Your Dog - Make It Easy On Rover And Yourself!

Dogs And Cold Weather

No one likes to be cold, brrrr... including your dog. Find out how to protect your dog from Jack Frost, as in cold weather conditions, and help them stay warm and cozy. The tips are here.

Finding A New Dog

Dogs and puppies are waiting in many places for a new owner to take them home. Use this guide to help you decide which option appeals to you.
Looking for a new dog? Here's the guide for you: The Ways And Means Of Finding A New Dog

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