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How To Make A Dog Bed Your Pooch Will Love
And At A Price That Can't Be Beat!

how to make a dog bed - dog in bed How to make a dog bed? Hmmm... I hear you say. You're probably thinking, a homemade dog bed doesn't seem to have quite the panache you'd normally associate with a pampered pet.

But don't rush to judgment, because actually it can be a great way to let your dog know you are really "there" for him every time he lays down his weary head. To be more specific, a homemade dog bed, can literally contain a lot more of "you" in it.

Okay, enough teasing, let's get down to business.

How To Make A Dog Bed - Materials

Take your old socks, your old t-shirts, old bed linens, your tired and tattered blankets and you have all the makings for a dog bed that will make your pet think he's spending the night with you.

Dogs have an incredible sense of smell, so it doesn't matter how many times the materials are washed, your dog will still be able to smell the essence of you, his beloved human. And that will be doggy heaven to him.

Now if you're having doubts about this make a dog bed idea, because you're one who likes to impress the neighbors with well-recognized labels and hood ornaments, there's no rule that says you can't have two beds.

So here's what you do.

Go out and buy that fancy designer bed and put in a place where your visitors will more or less trip over it, or at least won't be able to avoid seeing it. And, that will take care of keeping-up-appearances. But when the sandman calls, I'll bet your old rags, your dog will make a bee line for his cheap dog bed where he can dream his little dreams feeling your presence all around him, safe and secure!

How To Make A Dog Bed - The Benefits

So, let's take this another step and explore some of the no-so-obvious benefits that will make you feel really good when you make a homemade dog bed.
  • It's an environmentally friendly project that you can proud of.
  • Your old clothing and bedding that you were going to throw out can now be recycled.
  • Everything can be laundered and can easily fit in the washer.
  • There are no unknown, potentially toxic, materials to worry about.
  • It's a cheap dog bed - you don't have to buy anything.
  • It's quick and easy to make.

Have I convinced you yet? I hope so.

How To Make A Dog Bed - Step By Step

So, let's begin. There's really not much to it. In fact you can probably figure out a couple of ways to do it yourself.

My preference, and what I suggest, is to start with some old pillowcases to hold the filling. Nothing will be more completely infused with "Eau de You" than something that you have put your head on night after night. If you have a small dog, only one case will be needed. For a larger pet, split apart the seam on one side of each case and join the cases together to make a larger case.

Before adding the filling materials you have collected, you might want to cut up any larger items into smaller pieces first. The only thing remaining is the closure. One easy way to close the top is with a drawstring inserted into the natural hem that is already part of the pillocases. Once the top is gathered together, you can position this on the underside of the bed if you like, giving it a rounder look.

Another method is to use velcro. Here's how. Cut open the two outer side seams of the case to the depth of the pillowcase hem, making two flaps. Fold one flap to the inside. The other piece will be attached to the outside with the velcro.

And that's all there is to it. You now have learned how to make a dog bed filled with love that will give your spoiled doggy hours of pleasure.

If you want a fancier cover while still keeping the dog bed project inexpensive, you might be interested in this very popular dog duvet cover:
molly mutt dog bed cover

Now if your heart's still set on the "wow" response that a chic luxury bed will get, then there's no rule about having more than one bed. So go check out some of these attention-getting dog sofa beds!

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