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Dog Pillow Bed
Heavenly Retreat For Your Dog

A dog pillow bed is high on the list of popular beds for dogs, both large and small. If you are looking for an affordable dog bed combining comfort and style, this type of bed may be just the right choice for your dog. Owners report that pillow beds are so inviting that once a dog tries one out, they prefer it to the family couch or their bed.

While pillows come in different shapes and styles, they all have one thing in common when it comes to comfort - an irresistible place to flop and feel snuggled. Sort of like a bean bag that we humans love so well. Maybe that is why dogs seem to love them too, although not all of the varieties have that appearance as we shall discover. So go grab your dog and we'll see which dog bed Rover points his paw at.

FurHaven Deluxe Orthopedic Pet Bed Mattress for Dogs and Cats
OrthoComfort Deep Dish Cuddler bed for pets
All for Paws 23 by 29-Inch Lambswool Pillow Bed for Dogs

Features Your Dog Will Enjoy

The classic is the round style, similar to the bean bag we discussed. Your dog can just plop in the middle and enjoy a full body cuddle.

The dog pillow bed comes in a wide variety of stylish fabrics and colors for the more discerning pooch.

A pampered pet could have more than one attractive cover for his bed and alternate between them.

Another feature included in most pillows is the luxurious comfort of the poly fill, providing your dog with a great night's sleep.

Max 5 Round Dog Bed for large dogs, 50x50-inches width="160" Soft Non-Slip Washable Rectangular Pet Dog Bed by Cozypet Zone

Features Pet Parents Will Appreciate

  • Nice breathable fabrics, top quality construction, removable covers. Most are washable so it's easy to keep your dog's bedding fresh and free of excess dog hair.
  • For variety and when one cover is in the wash, you could have a second one.
  • So comfy that Rover may stay off your furniture by choice.
  • Your dog will give you extra kisses for such a great bed!

Dog Pillow Bed - Shapes And Sizes:

You'll find a good range of sizes to cover all dog breeds so the first decision will be the shape.

Basically it comes down a rectangle or square shape, or the classic round or oval. Even so, there are numerous variations when it comes to fabrics and colors as well as the type of design such as: fanciful, playful or formal etc.

waterproof dog pillow bed by snoozers Majestic Round Pillow Pet Bed faux fur cuddler dog pillow

The couch style of pillow - is one very popular bed that is slightly different from the more standard ones in that it has high padded bolster around the center cushion.

cozy cave round cushion pillow Bed, by Snoozer cute pillowcase for dog pillow water and stain resistant round pet bed

If you have a toy dog and are looking for small dog pillows, the Pinkaholic dog beds are sure to appeal to the doggie who thrives on the more chic designer look. Plus they would fit in very nicely in the bedroom or in a fancy living room.

Another unique pillow is the Self Warming Lounge SleeperK&H Self Warming Lounge Sleeper (shown below) for the dog that needs a little extra pampering, or for dogs with arthritis or sore muscles. This bed is made with material that radiates warmth back to your dog, so no electric needed.

Self Warming Lounge Sleeper dog bedK&H Self Warming Lounge Sleeper Furhaven NAP Terry Suede or Plush Tufted Pillow Dog or Cat Bed microsuede corded washable dog pillow

Which Dog Pillow Bed To Choose?

Know your dog - does he like to stretch out in a loungy fashion or is he more comfortable curling up? This will be a starting point for choosing the shape that will accomodate his style of sleeping.

Then take into consideration the build and weight of your dog to assist you in choosing size and thickness of the pillow.

Another factor is the security, some dogs really like the safe and snug feeling of a cushion with walls or bolsters that also make a handy pillow for their heads.

Lastly - style! How trendy do you and Rover want to be and where will you put your dog's pillow bed? The room you choose will help you decide how much designer chic you're after. Perhaps a really spoiled doggie might even get to have two beds!

Bagel Dog Bed By Majestic Pet Products
Bagel Dog Bed

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