Ultimate Dog Care Information Guide

Practical dog care information, for pet parents that like to keep it simple. Nothing complicated, just a down to earth friendly guide for whenever something's up with Rover! And, believe me, throughout a pet's life there's always something right around the corner that will have you searching for answers. I hope when that happens, you'll come back here for help!

If you have a new furry friend, or even an old one, the information on this site is for dog lovers like you. It represents many years of delving into the canine world and keeping up with the latest research. It has helped me learn a thing or two along the way in caring for my own dogs - something I'm sure they'd be glad of if they knew! I hope it will help you too!

Dog Care Information - It's All Here

The site map is best way to find all things pet-worthy, plus many articles covering the nuts and bolts of raising and spoiling Rover! You can turn to it whenever you need help in caring for your pet. Topics include guidance on health care, nutrition, exercise and training, grooming, best products and so forth.

While you don't need a Phd to take on pet parenting, it's very likely you'll have a few questions as your little rascal matures - hey, they're not all born with a halo!

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Even if you've been a "pack leader" before, each dog is unique and presents different challenges. This may be especially true if you have opened your heart to a rescue or a senior new friend.

Use the images on this page to explore the topics that interest you as a new pet parent, or to update yourself as seasoned owner. 

With the ever expanding interest in pets, there's something new to be learned almost every day and we try to keep up on the latest dog care information and innovative products so you don't have to.

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Bottom line, having a pet is a big commitment, but you'll have the pleasure of watching your dog thrive as you give him the life he deserves. You'll both have lots of fun too!

Remember he is trusting you to be the pack leader - so use the dog care information on this site to help you to be a good one!

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One heads-up before I go on - I'm not a vet. While the pages related to dog health are thoroughly researched and provide significant information about common health problems, if you have any questions, please talk to your vet for clarification.

Ready For More Dog Care Information?

While this page will get you started with many popular topics, if and when you are ready for more dog care information, check out the Site Map to find all topics.

and we also have Articles full of helpful advice on many common dog care issues!

I've tried to provide the best common sense, cut-to-the-chase dog care information on this site that I hope you will find useful in raising your pet. Becoming the best dog parent is a labor of love. It can be very challenging at times I kid you not, but the rewards are priceless.

And, in return, you'll be building a relationship that is like no other.

So make the commitment to give your dog a first class life! He's worth it.

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