Dog Grooming Tools
How To Set Up Like A Pro

Choosing the right dog grooming tools is the key to making grooming your dog at home an enjoyable, rewarding and pleasant experience for both you and your pet.

Although you most likely won't be needing to bathe Rover every week, the daily grooming routines are essential to keep up your dog's healthy and smart appearance.

Basic Dog Grooming Tools

For this you will need a variety of dog grooming tools in your arsenal. The type and length of a dog's coat is the starting point for selecting the appropriate supplies. Coats fall into a few categories such as: wire, smooth, drop, crisp or hardly any etc. Here are some of the basic grooming tools:

  • Everyday boar brushes
  • Pin brushes,
  • Slicker brushes
  • Steel combs of different sizes
  • De-shedding tools
  • Clippers
  • Mat splitters

These tools will take care of most issues such as mats, tangles, excess undercoat and trimming.

Follow along with the recommendations below and you'll have some of the best dog grooming tools at your fingertips to get the job done.

doing being bathed in tub

Dog Grooming Tools For Bathtime

Make Rover's bath time a whole lot easier and quicker with Booster bath. You'll get the job done a whole lot faster standing up instead of bending over a tub.

dog in booster bath large image

The booster bath has a convenient collar system to keep your dog in place as well as a handy Booster Bath nozzle to vary the water flow. Legs are detachable for easy storage.

water pik dog shower with dog

An alternate to the dog bath is the dog shower. This one by Waterpik has a generous thirteen-inch wand shape providing for full dog coverage plus an 8-foot flexible hose.

It easily attaches to your indoor shower or can be used outdoors connected to a convenient garden water faucet.

If your dog tends to get easily stressed (and maybe more so at bath time), don't despair. Comfort Zone could be a big help. Try these plug-ins that release a pheromone-like substance known for calming dogs safely and naturally.

Put one in the grooming area to set up a calm environment, or in the room most frequented by your dog. Available also in a spray for beds and crates.

Tools For Coat Care

If you're planning to try grooming your pet at home, high quality clippers are a must have in your dog grooming tools

This very popular Wahl kit on Amazon has over 8,000 reviews and will give you the confidence to give a full coat cut or in-between trimming. The 16-pc. set includes everything you need plus a step-by-step instructional video for the complete dog clipping solution.

It's very easy to use, has a 2-yr. warranty and is made in the USA.

Groom like a pro right out of the gate and be dollars ahead over taking Rover to the salon.

zoom groom tool for dog

Your dog will welcome brushing time with the Zoom Groom made by Kong. Not only will Rover get a delightful massage with it, you'll keep his coat free of loose hair - that means it won't wind up on the couch!

Among my dog grooming tools, this one has always been a favorite. Use it for both daily brushing and for bath time. When two are used together, lathering up your dog becomes quick, easy and thorough.

It's available for long or short coats with different sensitivities for puppies and adult dogs.

Try it for yourself and see!

Grooming Tools for Brushing and De-Shedding

Superior show dog quality brushes suitable for a variety of coats. These oval brushes have polished stainless steel pinheads that won't scratch your dog's skin or cause breakages.

 These high quality slicker brushes are suitable for short and
 long haired dogs. Great for removing dead hair in the coat as well as de-tangling mats. Comfortable and easy grip. A slicker brush leaves a very shiny and neatly groomed coat.

Your dog will thank you for using this fabulous comb - it will glide through his coat like none other. Well, next best thing to butter! Made of top quality brass and nickel with both coarse and fine teeth.

Our first choice for de-shedding, and from personal experience it is easy to understand why the FURminator is one of the most popular dog grooming tools to deal with shedding.

Its revolutionary design will keep your dog and your home free of dog hair fall-out for weeks. A great help for people with allergies! Use it frequently to extend the time needed for a full grooming, plus your dog will enjoy feeling fresher!

Finishing Touches

Conditioning: The Stuff Conditioner & Detangler is an effective leave-in hypoallergenic spray that conditions your pet's coat in between baths while repelling dirt and also keeping mats and tangles at bay. Great finale for a grooming session, or to use daily for long lasting results.

Doggie Pedicure: Every dog needs to get his nails done from from time to time. Check out our page on paw care to learn how to do this safely, and the Safari Nail trimming tool we recommend for the job.

This is the one, over 4,000 reviews speak for themselves. Designed to be ergonomically correct, requiring less pressure to get the job done with confidence. It has a non-slip grip for extra safety.

Now... if you or your dogs are real scaredy cats, a dremel is the way to go!

For A Little Added Bug Protection:  ARK Naturals Neem Protect Spray from Fleas and Ticks is a good choice. The natural botanicals in Neem, proven over time to discourage insects, will provide natural protection for Rover from the biting family of critters while at the same time helping to soothe any skin irritations.

Great Job!

dog thank you note

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