Dog Lovers Dating

Dog lovers dating each other - it's a natural pairing don't you think?

So, what do dog lovers, romance and Rover (that's your dog) - have in common?

Answer: It's the pet connection!

So where are we going with this...?

Having a dog has always been a good ice breaker when meeting new people especially if they happen to be dog lovers too. But, where to find that special pet person that "must love dogs", for friendship, dating or a long lasting relationship, is another matter that needs to be sniffed out!

You can't learn too much detail about a person during a brief chat in the park, but you might just be able to combine your love of dogs and finding new friendships, in one place.

What I am talking about is online "find a friend" dating/matchmaking websites (resources end of page) exclusively for people who are dog lovers like yourself. Any potential relationship is bound to have a better chance of success if you have something in common at the start.

If you are a committed dog lover, you most likely want a prospective soul mate to like dogs, particularly your dog. Better yet, you'd like to get your dog's wag of approval when introduced to your new friend. As a dog lover, you know, that dogs know, if someone is pet friendly or not - right?

So, they have to like your dog and vice-versa for a relationship to progress. There's no way around it, if you're a dog lover, that's the bottom line. No dog karma - no date!

Dog Lovers Dating... where to start?

No, it's not at the pound, although you may go there together at some later date on rescue missions.

But first, you have to find each other, so to increase your odds, start at a dating place where the single dog lovers dating crowd is definitely in tune with your pet lover instincts. It's a no-brainer!

Having done this, you can then move forward to define the other more personal criteria you are seeking. This too will most likely be easier once you begin at the right place.

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Pet Lovers Personality

You've probably noticed that pet lovers often share similar personality traits. From my observations, I have noticed that in general they seem to be.....

  • More friendly - Fido seems to brings out the affectionate side of our nature.
  • More flexible - in a busy world, dog lovers still find time for Fido's fitness and play routines.
  • More humorous - Fido helps us see the funny side of life and not take ourselves too seriously.
  • More loyal - well that's debatable - dogs are hard to beat in that department!
  • More casual - if you've ever been to a dog show, you've probably noticed that dog lovers are a more laid back crowd.
  • Less nit-pickey - when you have to clean up doggie doo, you don't sweat the small stuff so much...

and so on...

In addition, when dog lovers start dating, they quickly have discover that a dog brings a very special dimension to their relationship - something unique and priceless.

If your future soul mate is a dog lover, he or she may put a greater value on compatibility and an enduring relationship. And maybe you'll have a better chance of connecting with each other through your matchmaking pets.

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Dog Lovers Dating Resources

Look below to see a few "pet lovers dating" resources we've included for you to check out - no bar hopping needed. In fact bring your dog Rover over to the computer and let him point the way.

  • Pet People Meet (
  • Date My Pet (
  • Dig Dating App (

Between the two of you, find the one that feels warm and fuzzy and begin the romantic journey. Heck, Rover may even end up finding a soul mate too!

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