Parvo in Puppies?

(A Concerned Puppy Owner)

Yesterday my 8 week old puppy got his first vaccine and started a 3 day series of heart worm medicine. This morning when we woke up he was dry heaving and ultimately ended up throwing up very little and it was mostly foam.

He also had a loss of appetite this morning. I called the vet and he had suggested parvo. He has since eaten a bowl and half of food this afternoon, but I'm still worried.

Can I quit worrying since he has eaten, or should I still take him in to the vet? Or could the sickness this morning have been caused by all the meds he was given yesterday?

Answer From the Editors at Dog-Spoiling

Hello and thanks for writing to us about your Parvo Virus concerns - and you are right to be concerned!

My first reaction is one of shock that your veterinarian wasn't concerned enough to ask you to bring your puppy in for tests.

There are many dog diseases that mimic the Parvo virus, so I don't see how your puppy's condition could be diagnosed over the phone, or without tests.

Parvo is a very dangerous and life threatening disease. It is also highly contagious between canines. If your puppy does have it, he needs to be treated right away. Dehydration and loss of proteins are very real worries with Parvo.

Whereas your puppy's symptoms could be a reaction to the vaccination or the heart worm medicine, I for one would not feel comfortable without a proper evaluation in the vet's office.

If there is the slightest chance that your puppy has contracted the parvo virus, he would need immediate treatment for his survival.

With that said, you are greatly encouraged to have your puppy checked out right away.

Best wishes for a positive outcome.

If you wish to learn more about this disease, please go to our Parvo article.

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