Puppy Poos And Pees Everywhere

by Karen
(Toronto, Ontario Canada)

We have a 2-1/2 month chi-poo. When we first got him, we put puppy pads down and he was very good about peeing on the pads. He would poo everywhere else.

Now he chews up the puppy pads and pees and poos where ever he wants. It's too cold out to take him outside so we really don't know what to do.

I have 3 small grand kids so I don't like having pee and poo on the floors.

Please do you have any suggestions for me, I'm going crazy.


Answer From the Editors at Dog-Spoiling

Hi Karen,

At this very young age your puppy is going to need a lot of your direction and patience to become house trained.

Since you feel it's too cold to take him outside at this time, using the puppy pads is a temporary option, but what you need is a routine to reinforce their purpose.

You puppy, understandably, doesn't know where you want him to go - this has to be taught. So I suggest you start over by restricting his territory to one small area where you can keep a close watch on him.

Puppies usually need to relieve themselves many times during the day because they have not yet developed bladder control. But, urination and defecation usually follows a recognizable and predictable pattern that generally occurs:
shortly after meals, after play, after a nap etc.

A crate can be very helpful to structure your puppy's schedule to include potty breaks, exercise/play and naps.

When it is time for a potty break, take him on a leash to the place or pad where you want him to go and repeat your chosen potty word until the job gets done.

Please read these pages on the website for more complete details on the potty training procedure.

Indoor Dog Potties

Potty Training Your Dog

Crate Training A Puppy

It does take a while to reliably train a puppy - up to six months, but with patience and repetition, it's worth the effort.

Best of luck to you.

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