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I was told that when Herding dogs get together in an open atmosphere, they tend to roam. Is there any basis to this theory?

We have an Australian Shepherd and an acquaintance has a Border Collie. He avoids get-togethers because of this belief.

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Hello and thank you for your question.

I have never heard of the theory about herding dog breeds that you describe, but it seems to me when I consider the nature of herding dogs that this theory is entirely plausible.

After all, what are the inherited traits that herding dogs possess? Answer: The instinct to herd!

What do herds of animals do? Answer: Wander about, causing herding dogs to also wander about in order to do their job to keep the herd within a manageable area.

I see no reason why your dog and that of your acquaintance can't get together in a controlled space. That is an area bounded by fencing.

After all, most communities have ordinances requiring dogs to be on a leash when out in public areas. So it seems that the only place your dogs could socialize would be in some confined area.

We wish you the best in finding suitable venues in which to have your dog enjoy good times with other canine buddies.

If there are any visitors reading this post who have some broader knowledge of herding dog breeds that could shed some light on this question, please post a comment below.

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