How Long From Having Pups
To When Bitch Comes Back Into Season

I am wondering when you count the time to when a bitch comes into season is it from when she has pups or when she came into season ???

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Hello and thank you for your question.

It all starts when the pituitary gland triggers the onset of a heat cycle by releasing a hormone that causes the ovaries to begin developing egg follicles as well as to start producing estrogen.

So the short answer to your question is that counting the interval between cycles would start from the beginning of the previous one, not from the birth of a litter.

However, it is not quite that simple because the length of that interval between cycles can vary from dog to dog and in many cases from breed to breed.

Whereas the average time between cycles is in the range of five and nine months, each dog is unique and there can be considerable variability - either shorter or longer intervals. In fact some breeds only enter a heat cycle once a year. While others have irregular or abnormal heats.

The best way for an owner to know when a bitch is coming into season is by being knowlegeable about the signs to look for and then being very diligent in their observations.

Whereas a bitch will have her first heat cycle somewhere between six and twelve months of age, most experts agree that bitches not be bred until they enter their second or third cycle, by which time they are more mature and ready to deal with motherhood.

It is likewise generally advised that a male dog not be mated until he is more physically mature.

I hope this information answers your question and is helpful to you.

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