Should We Really Be Considering A Puppy?

by Wendy


I am looking for some very general advice to help me through an emotional decision - we very recently lost our much loved Golden Retriever and this has left a huge hole in our lives. We are considering a puppy but are concerned that our needs are over riding what is right for a puppy.

Firstly, we definitely would want a Golden Retriever. We have a business (shop) and our previous dog came to work every day and loved sitting on the terrace meeting the customers...or hiding from them behind the counter or in the office or workshop when she wanted peace.

My love is a 45 minute walk and 15 minute play before work followed mid morning by a 30 minute walk to the bank etc, following by 15 minute play. Lunch is 15 minute play. PM is another 45 to 1 hour walk and play. Weekends are more active and Sunday involves a general walk in the country - run on the beach etc. Our previous Golden, who was very peaceful by nature loved her life and was rarely not in our company.

What I am concerned about is that this is not enough for most Goldens and that we are being unfair bringing a dog into our lives at this time. I would welcome any advice because our loneliness at this time should not be the only basis of our decision.

Answer From the Editors at Dog-Spoiling

You are certainly to be commended for considering the exercise requirements that come with a new dog - especially a Golden Retriever - before you embark on getting a new puppy. This breed usually does need a fair amount of exercise to burn off their high energy.

That being said, not all Goldens are the same. If you seek out a reputable breeder to get a puppy, they will be able to tell you a lot more about the parents and what type of exercise requirements to anticipate once the dog is over 18 months of age.

Prior to completing their full bone growth, intense exercise is not recommended. The amount of exercise you have described would certainly seem to meet the needs of a puppy, but there is another aspect to consider and that is socialization. Goldens need to be well-socialized.

If you plan on taking a new dog to work and out and about in various settings, as you seem to have done with your previous dog, then it seems you could handle this part easily.

Potty training is another matter if you will still be working.

You might want to consider an older dog through the national rescue for this breed. This approach has the advantage of being able to learn about the temperament of the dog as well as the results of the overall evaluation done by the rescue. The rescue will also be able to give you advice about exercise.

Giving a home to a dog in need is also a wonderful way to support the breed you love.

I know that losing a beloved dog is hard having been through it myself more than once. Sometimes it takes quite a while to adjust to the loss before you can think in practical terms about getting another pet - not just because of the lonely part as you said.

Good luck in whatever you decide.

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Update on Randi and Reece
by: Wendy

They are now 3 1/2 years old - where has the time gone?? Apart from the big plus of their simply being in my life....I have lost 8kgs just through walking them - big, big plus.

Update 18 months old
by: Wendy

Reece and Randi are now over 18 months old and are the most amazing part of our lives - I would upload a photo but cannot find a space to do so. They continue to be a great blessing and add every day a sense of being in touch with what life is really all about. They are the angels in our lives.

Two Golden Puppies - Wow!
by: Editor

Answer From the Editors at Dog-Spoiling

Thanks for the update Wendy. You sound so happy about your new family members and because you are such dedicated owners, they are sure to continue thriving in your care.

Two puppies at the same time must be quite a challenge, but the love you get in return is priceless - plus they will certainly keep you both fit :-)

Update On My Status

Hi just wanted to give you an update on my situation...firstly thank you for your excellent comments which did help me a great deal.

We actually ended up with 2 golden retriever puppies, one from Asturias and 1 from Barcelona - they adore each other and we adore them. They are now 5 and 6 months old - the initial first few weeks were very testing in work but we knew the effort would be worth it - they now love and are loved by our customers and they are very respectful in the work place.

Exercising them is a great joy and fortunately being our own business we have been able to adapt to meet their needs.

They are highly socialized and meet up every afternoon with up to 10 dogs for a romp in the vineyards and field - they also love visiting the town, market, and cafes. They are my dear companions and personal trainers!

Thank you again.

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