Miniature Border Collie
Does This Breed Exist ?

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Is there such a dog breed as a Miniature Border Collie?

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Answer From the Editors at Dog-Spoiling

While the image of a miniature Border Collie may be attractive, we are going to first look to the history of small dogs to understand how the miniature dogs came to be.

Many of the small or toy dog breeds we are familiar with today were originally developed from larger breeds. In fact, since all dog breeds are descendants of the wolf, it proves that toy or miniature dogs were the result of selective breeding.

Many of the small dog breeds were developed for useful purposes, or to keep their owners warm in drafty castles or palaces. Some of the small lap dogs also came to be known as sleeve dogs. This was because ladies wore dresses with voluminous sleeves in which to carry their toy dogs and enjoy the warmth they provided. During the night, these little dogs kept the master's feet warm in bed.

Other dogs bred down in size, were used for jobs in and around farms. Small terriers, also known as earth dogs were used for eradicating animals that were destructive nuisances around the farm or farmhouse. These included otters, badgers, foxes and vermin such as rats and mice. The small size of the dogs enabled them to pursue the targeted animals into their hideaways or dens and either drive them out, or kill them on the spot.

Later on with modern advancements, many of the small and diminuative breeds left their working purposes behind them and gradually evolved into becoming kept solely as the beloved companion pets they are today.

The Border Collie is a herding dog breed with a history of herding sheep in the border territories between England, Wales and Scotland. Hence, the border reference in his name.

The ideal height of a Border Collie is around 21 inches, with a weight between 30-45 pounds. Unlike breeds whose downsizing was done to meet the needs of a specific job, it seems reasonable to assume that the Border Collie's physique was considered appropriate for his working duties. That being the case, there would be no reason to develop a smaller size in future generations.

However, if a public fad or demand develops for a smaller dog in any particular breed, there will always be someone happy to try to bring it about if there is money to be made.

Responsible breeders on the other hand are unlikely to deliberately attempt to alter an established breed.

So to answer to your question, while some Border Collies may turn out smaller than the standard - for a variety of reasons, there is no such breed as a miniature Border Collie.

Thanks for your question.

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