Weird Lump On My Dog's Knee

by Jeanna

I have taken my dog to the vet and he told me the lump on my dog's knee is dermatitis and gave me a shampoo to use. I have used the whole bottle as he told me to do and it still hasn't gone away. If anything it has gotten bigger!

Has anyone seen this before and if so what is it called and how do I treat it?

I plan on going back to the doctor once again for it, but I'm trying to do a little research on it so I can kind of have an idea instead of just wasting money and nothing being solved.

Thanks for your help in advance. Here is a picture.

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Hello Jeanna,

This is not my area of expertise, so I can't really offer much help by way of identifying the lumpy mass on your dog's leg. I have seen some pictures of conditions that look a bit similar, but none quite the same. From what I can see in your image, it does look very much like a large blister.

Perhaps some of our other visitors may be familiar with this type of condition and can offer a comment.

You say that your vet has diagnosed your dog's condition as dermatitis, but has he given you a more precise name for the exact type of dermatitis?

Dermatitis is a pretty general term often used to describe a range of inflammatory conditions affecting the skin. Because of this, normally a vet professional would be the most qualified to analyze your dog's skin problem.

You do not say whether your dog is experiencing a lot of itching in this area, or whether he is constantly licking or scratching at the lump. These can be signs that the skin condition might be caused by a allergic reaction to something. It is not uncommon for dogs to develop skin irritations from direct contact with such things as carpet or bedding.

But it could also be something environmental or a food related reaction. If it does turn out to be an allergic reaction, it generally takes time to discover the source.

If your dog is doing excessive licking or scratching in this area, it might be helpful to have him wear an e-collar for a while to give the irritated skin a chance to rest and time to heal.

I am sorry I can't offer more insight into your question, but if you do decide to seek further vet evaluation, you might want to consider finding a vet who is a Board Certified Veterinary Dermatologist.

I did notice that there are a few listed not too far away from your location.

Best of luck in getting this resolved.

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Reply - Weird Lump On Dog's Knee
by: postie

Thank you for your comment.

The vet I took him to just said dermatitis but again he only glanced at it and then gave me a shampoo to use where I shampoo the area leave it for 5 minutes then wash off. It does not seem to be getting better.

As for itching he doesn't pay much attention to it I sometimes but rarely ever see him itch it. If I look close enough it looks like the holes where his hair comes out are inflamed and swollen but no excessive licking or biting.

I Plan to take him for another visit to the vet possibly a different vet but I just wanted to know if anyone has had this problem or similar so I can get some kind of Idea as to what I'm dealing with or what I can ask the vet that it could possibly be.

Thank you again for your comment anything helps.

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