Pregnant Obese Dog

by Dorrie
(Cotopaxi, CO)

I have a Boston Terrier who might be pregnant and I need a diet or recipe I can put together to help her.

I want healthy puppies but for her to lose weight before the birth.

She has had one litter and did great but I'm worried about her now. This was an unplanned pregnancy, but we will go through with it...

Any one have suggestions? D

Answer From the Editors at Dog-Spoiling

Hi Dorrie,

Thank you for being a concerned dog owner and seeking advice for your dog's condition.

The very first thing I recommend is that you visit your dog's vet so that he/she can evaluate your dog's health and weight issues with respect to the possible pregnancy.

In regard to weight issues, pregnancy is not usually the best time to deal with overweight problems, unless it is extreme. Obesity is definitely a concern at all times and especially so during pregnancy. I'm sure your vet will be able to provide the best guidance in this matter.

High quality nutrition that is free of food additives and harmful chemicals is vitally important for a pregnant dog as well as to nourish and protect the developing fetuses.

It is also generally advised that antibiotics, chemical flea remedies, vaccinations, cortisone, anesthetics, x-rays and other unnecessary meds be avoided during the gestation period.

We are strong believers in homemade dog food which is discussed on this page of the website.

On this same page we also recommend
homemade dog food recipes, pitcairn dog care bookDr.Pitcairn's book
, which contains excellent dog care information including pregnancy advice and recipes especially for pregnant dogs. I think you would find it especially helpful not only at this time but for the remainder of your dog's lifetime.

Your vet is the best one to advise you about making dietary changes once your dog's pregnancy is confirmed, because this is a tricky issue best left to the professionals.

In the event that your dog is not pregnant, you'll find some advice about reducing your dog's weight along with weight reducing recipes in Dr. Pitcairn's book that will help you get your dog's weight back to normal. It includes amounts to feed based on your dog's ideal weight.

A healthy diet along with regular exercise is so important to maintaining a dog's health and weight.

Good Luck with your dog and thank you for writing.

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