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Many dogs in the Working Dog Group are of independent nature and need solid training or they will take over the dominant role - displacing you as the pack leader!

Most of them can be described as very large and powerful, so just their size alone should be enough to encourage owners to take a firm lead early on.

The dogs in this group are certainly not for the feint of heart, or first time dog owners. Having made these cautionary comments, the plus side is that once trained, these dogs make very devoted and loyal companions.

Dogs in this group were bred for a variety of tasks. The Akita for example was once bred to protect the emperor of Japan.

They were also used in other times to hunt bears and for dog fighting.

Saint Bernards and Newfoundlands have always been known for their rescue abilities, the former excelling in snow and the latter in water.

Dobermans and Boxers are associated with police work and as fearless watchdogs. Others in the Working dog group have assisted in military work, guarding and herding flocks, pulling sleds and simply as companions to royalty.

One of the more distinctive looking dogs in the Working Dog Group is the Komodor, which has been used for guarding livestock in mountainous regions. This very large dog has an unbelievably huge white corded coat which is just the ticket for protecting a dog while working in very cold climates. Strangely enough, the Komodor's coat should never be brushed or combed!

Overall, the dogs in this class are courageous, intelligent, quick learners and have great stamina, but because of their size they do need a suitable environment, as well as owners with the enough time to train and exercise them well.

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Alaskan Malamute

Anatolian Shepherd Dog

Bernese Mountain Dogs
Black Russian Terrier Boxer
Bull Mastiff Dog

Doberman Pinscher




Greater Swiss
Mountain Dog
Neapolitan Mastiff Newfoundland PortugueseWater
Saint Bernard


Siberian Husky 

Standard Schnauzer 

German Pinscher

Giant Schnauzer
Great Dane Great Pyrenees

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