Pet Travel Checklist
Preparing For Rover's Big Adventure!

Planning a road trip? Here's a pet travel checklist that will come in handy if your dog is going along for the ride.

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Traveling with your dog involves some extra steps to make sure that Rover's "stuff" is not overlooked - mainly his favorite dog toys and treats!

O.K. seriously, this includes his necessary every day dog supplies, as well as other extra things that might be needed during the trip.

The checklist will be especially useful if you are unaccustomed to "packing" for a dog.

Taking your furry companion on family trips is now much easier because many hotels are pet-friendly to the extent of providing special services to give them VIP (very important pet) treatment.

So let's get to the preparation, beginning with reservations where pets are welcome.

Pet Friendly Hotel Reservations

A survey of pet parents who have stayed in pet friendly accommodations when traveling around the USA, brought back the following list of favorites:

Be sure to check the pet policies, fees, deposits, number of pets allowed etc., as they can vary between locations

For international reservations in the UK or Europe:


Pet friendly cottages and homes in England and Europe:

  •   Cottages are mainly in rural areas with many off-the-beaten-path public footpaths where you can safely walk with your dog through woodlands and even farmers fields.
  •  Mainly privately owned small or large properties in the countryside and in town where you can enjoy fixing your own meals instead of dining out if you wish. 

Pet Travel Checklist and Tips

  • Prep your dog for the trip if he's not used to travel. Take short day trips, working toward an overnight at a pet-friendly hotel. Make adjustments if needed such as taking frequent breaks for a short walk, or alternate use of a crate for riding, versus a car seat or seat belt.
  • Take your dog to the vet for a general check up and any renewal of shots if needed. Ask your vet for a health certificate including shot record. Put this, along with other medical records in your dog's trip bag.
  • Check supply of medications, if your dog takes any, refill if needed - and don't forget to pack them!
  • Have your pet micro-chipped or verify that your dog's license and id tags are in good order.
  • Check out some advanced id tags for additional protection. It's also a good idea to carry a few recent pictures of your dog that can be used if he happens to get lost.
  • Take along an extra leash - a reflective one would be good, plus a collar and duplicate tag.
  • Research your trip itinerary for locations of dog friendly parks, beaches and restaurants. Also, dog day care facilities, if you are planning to visit any tourist attraction that doesn't allow pets. This way your dog will have some fun and be protected during this time.
  • Try to maintain meal times and walks to follow the routine your dog is used to at home.
  • Take along a First Aid Kit for dogs. Also if you think your dog might have an "accident" being away from his normal routine, you can help him out with pooch pads or consider the convenience of taking along a portable dog potty.

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General Dog Supplies To Pack

  • Rover's very own Travel Bag complete with collapsible food and water bowls.
  • Clean up bags and scooper, plus pet stain remover because even the most well-trained pet might have miss his mark when out of his normal terrain.
  • Dog Crate if your dog is accustomed to using one. It might also be a good time to purchase a new comfy crate mat that can double as his bed. The familiarity of a dog's crate can make him feel secure if you have to leave him in a hotel room for short periods.
  • Grooming needs such as dry shampoo, brush, comb, towels and any other tools you might need on a longer trip.
  • A quick drink pet water bottle.
  • If you are taking along homemade food, a cooler chest that can be reloaded with ice at rest stops.
  • A few of your dog's favorite toys.
  • And last, but by no means least, dog food. If possible stick to the diet to which your dog has become accustomed.

So once you have made your reservations, and prepped your dog for your trip, check off each item on the pet travel checklist just to make sure you haven't overlooked anything - even if some items don't apply.

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