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The non-sporting group classification of dogs is a very loose and confusing term to many. Some of the breeds in this group have been also classified as Pariahs - which translated has the meaning of outcast.

However in the dog world, there is no stigma attached to this label. The Pariah group is thought of more as primitive dogs, or being derived from wild or primitive dogs.

Non-Sporting Group Breeds

This group could be classified as "catch all" as it a wide variety of breeds both large and small along with characteristics and  that are quite diverse.  Here are images of some of the breeds in this AKC group so you can see for yourself:

American Eskimo dog breed imageAmerican Eskimo
Boston Terrier dog standing imageBoston Terrier
Sharpei dog lying down outsideSharpei
Chow Chow dog up closeChow Chow

From the Lhasa Apso to the Dalmatian, the non-sporting group of dogs are about as varied in physical appearance as they are in their backgrounds. In human terms such a group would be described as a very mixed bag!

Some of the non-sporting group dogs, such as the Chow Chows and Keeshond were originally utilized for their guarding and watchdog skills, though the Keeshond also is a good swimmer and has in the past been a ratter.

Finnish Spitz
Keeshond dog standing outside in a gardenKeeshond Majic
Cachorro raça Lhasa Apso posando para book canino
Lhasa Apso
White Poodle dog standing outside in open terrainPoodle

Others in this group, for example the Bulldog, was originally bred to bait bulls as the name implies. Whereas, the Tibetan Terrier - not a terrier at all - was a good luck talisman raised in Tibetan monasteries and often given to travelers for favorable tidings on their journeys, and the Bichon Frise was just born to be pampered!

The Dalmatian, aside from his Disney fame, once traveled along side the horse-drawn carriages providing protection to the passengers. He was also a help to firemen in those days as he had an affinity for working with horses.

The Poodle, a much-beloved and highly intelligent dog is an excellent swimmer and was once used as a retriever both in water and over land.

Remaining Non-Sporting Breeds

All of the dogs in this classification are rather unique and some of them are breeds not commonly seen out and about. Mostly, they are an alert and lively group and make fine companions. I'm sure you'll recognize many of your favorite breeds among them.

Here are the rest of the breeds belonging to this group:

  • Lowchen
  • Schipperke
  • Shiba Inu
  • Tibetan Spaniel
  • Tibetan Terrier  
  • The Coton de Tulear
  • Norwegian Lundehund
  • Xoloitzcuintli

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