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If you want to know how to groom a dog, be prepared to do a little more than a brush and go!.

That being said, if you follow our dog grooming tips and have the right dog grooming tools, you can easily do a pretty good job of keeping your dog in the best condition.

And you know what? It doesn't take that much time especially if you have a grooming table. They don't cost much and your back will thank you! Just a little bit of care each day and your pet will look and feel so good.

While a dog's coat is without doubt the main focus of dog grooming, Rover needs to be routinely inspected from head to tail to check other areas that may need attention, such as ears, eyes, teeth nails, paws, and anal glands. When you have a regular grooming routine that includes this, your dog will not only look great, he will be healthier for it.

Once you learn how to groom your dog, you'll even find your dog enjoying the primping and one-on-one attention that goes with it. Professional grooming is fine, but there's no hand your dog wants to touch him more than your's.

How To Groom A Dog - Tools And Supplies

For easy at home care, refer to our page detailing some of the best dog grooming tools and supplies. Keep a caddy of these supplies handy all the time for dog bathing, brushing, combing etc.

To begin with, this will make it easy to keep your pet from getting shaggy and smelly. What's more, if you're in a hurry to go somewhere, a quick scissor trim around the paws, a dry shampoo and your pet will be struttin' out the door!

And, as a result, with your dog table and supplies, you won't have to totally rely on a grooming professional to keep up your dog's appearance.

Thankfully, pet grooming tools have evolved to handle everything including the most frequent bane of many dog owners - shedding. The FurMinator has been praised over and again as the best tool for handling this grooming challenge.

Along with this excellent slicker brush for removing mats and tangles, a dog's coat can become a thing of beauty!

furminator and old english sheepdog
FURminator DeShedding Tool
Excellent De-shedding Tool
of Professional Caliber!

However, if you are a really fastidious housekeeper, you might want to check out our list of dogs that do not shed, or only a minimal amount for a little less time spent grooming.

Give Your Dog A Special Brush And Bath

Before you start bathing, begin by removing any loose dog hair. Grooming gloves will help you do this and at the same time give your pal a nice massage - always welcome! Frequent use will also help you target areas in your dog's coat that easily tangle, are harder to reach, and can become attractive to parasites.

dog being brushed An active pet picks up a lot of dirt, debris, sticky burrs and the like during his romps around the park or back yard, which can contribute to an "unrefined" doggie odor. Getting this stuff out, along with dry skin and loose hair, will make him more comfortable and is an important part of how to groom a dog.

When you set aside some regular time for grooming, you also become more familiar with your dog's overall condition and are more likely to spot any changes in his health. This alone is a good enough reason to maintain your dog’s hygiene, but an additional plus is the chance you get to enjoy some one-on-one time with your pet.

These days, dogs are looking good and smelling even better with the availability of high quality dog shampoos and conditioners as well as deodorizing sprays and even colognes. There are even specialized shampoos for the itchy coat, the stinky coat, the dry coat, the snarly coat and even organic shampoos for those more sensitive puppies. Finally, we have everything we need to keep our dogs looking smart and welcome in the best of places.

How To Groom A Dog's Paws, Nails And Ears

While some dogs are more active than others or spend more time in rougher terrain, all dogs' paws get a workout and are not protected by shoes like human feet (at least for the most part!). You may hear some clicking as he or she walks across the floor, but that's not the sound of high heels, it just means a pedicure is needed!

Paws can be the target for burrs, imbedded sharp objects, scratches, cuts, painful cracks, infections and broken nails. In other words, they need frequent inspection and some TLC. You can learn about paw care here.

Ears are an area that dogs cannot self-groom or easily protect. As a result, they are often invaded by parasites and vulnerable to infection. They can also accumulate excess wax, dirt and debris which needs regular removal. We have written a detailed page on cleaning dogs ears because it is so important to a dog's health and comfort.

The Importance Of Canine Dental Care

Our 'how to groom a dog guide' would not be complete without a very essential topic: dental care.

The presence of doggie breath is a clear signal that a dog has to have a solid foundation of dental hygiene as part of his grooming routine.

Unfortunately, most dogs don't come running to have their teeth brushed! But, dental care is so important to Rover's overall health that we have devoted an entire page to the subject. Here you will find out everything you've always wanted to know about cleaning your dog's teeth. - well, almost everything - We've given it our best shot!!

In the meantime, dog dental chew knots can be an enjoyable way to for your dog to participate in his own dental hygiene. Also, if you're a very busy person and short on time - who isn't? - your dog and you will benefit if you find out about the easy-to-use Dental Wipes, and keep some handy for a quick fix on a daily basis.

For long term dental care, our canine's "canines" depend also on a healthy nutritious diet. The right kind of ingredients typically found in premium dog food will promote a healthy immune system. This in turn leads to production of the right acids in the saliva to fight plaque.

Professional Dog Grooming

When professional pet grooming is called for, try to find a salon with licensed staff that not only know how to groom a dog, but are sufficiently talented to get the job done right.

Asking for referrals is a good idea - check with the posh doggies in your neighborhood for a 'yelp' you can trust! But, before entrusting your dog to any unknown clippers, visit the salon personally to make sure the groomers really know their stuff and treat their puppies well.

Along with at-home brushing/combing and bathing routines, a periodic professional head-to-tail spruce will be a big help in maintaining a healthy coat and protection from parasites. These routines, along with a nutritious diet, are especially important if you have a pet with sensitivities and is prone to dog skin allergies.

Lastly, if your pet has a coat that easily develops mats and snarls, be sure to read our detailed article on "how to undo your dog's tangles". It will help you handle this snarly problem in the gentlest manner. Specialized detangling and shedding combs are just some of the dog grooming tools your dog wants you to have, to make this job a lot easier on him!

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