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Cleaning Dogs Ears Safely
Tips For Dog Ear Cleaning

An important part of dog grooming involves cleaning dogs ears. A dog's ears are higly vulnerable to injury or invasion by potentially damaging debris which is why they should be inspected on a regular basis. Daily is ideal, but at least once a week. While the actual dog ear cleaning is not a difficult job, it needs to be done safely to safeguard these delicate organs.

Cleaning Dogs Ears - Basic Information

Many dog breeds have long ears that cover the ear opening so well that they don't get much air circulation. This creates an environment that is perfect for bacteria, fungi, germs and parasites to flourish. Ear mites in particular are drawn to the warm and moist atmosphere, but fleas also find this area a perfect place to thrive.

Short eared dogs are also a target for these conditions - particularly those with upright pricked or cropped ears that make it very easy for insects, debris and grass seeds and other plant materials to enter.

cleaning dogs ears - fly repellentcleaning dogs ears - fly repellent Various types of flies including common household flies, in search of a quick meal, can also impart painful bites to a dog's ears. If you are doing frequent ear inspections, you will be able to spot the bite wounds and take appropriate action to prevent further fly attacks. Repeated fly bites, left untreated, can lead to dermatitis or worse conditions.

Ticks are another menace to dogs that do their frollicking in wooded areas.

Cleaning Dogs Ears - The "How To" Details

Before cleaning a dog ears, the most important cautionery advice to note is that nothing should enter the ear canal which leads to the ear drum. One way to avoid this is to pull up the outer ear flap and lay it against the head of the dog which will result in the ear canal being closed off and protected while you are cleaning.

An Ounce Of Prevention ..is worth a pound of cure, as the saying goes and this is so true when it comes to cleaning dogs ears! Keeping a dog's ears clean will go a long way toward preventing infections and parasite invasions.

So let's get started.. First you will need to gather up some necessay supplies typically used for cleaning dogs ears such as cotton swabs or gauze pads, dog ear powder, a natural dog ear wash, blunt nosed scissors or a hair remover tool such as as hemostat or forceps.

cleaning dogs ears - blunt nosed scissors
Blunt Nosed Scissors
cleaning dogs ears - dog ear powder
Dog Ear Powder
cleaning dogs ears - hemostat for dog ear grooming

If your dog is a little reluctant or skittish when it comes to having his ears handled, try to create an environment to get him relaxed such as gently petting him, playing some soothing pet music, cleaning dogs ears - soothing music for dogs or using calming pheromones.cleaning dogs ears - calming pheromones

Cleaning dogs ears begins with an ear inspection. If this reveals any sign of redness, inflammation, discharge, or funky odor, chances are your dog has an ear infection - particularly if you have noticed him doing a lot of recent head shaking or scratching. Ear mites might also be present. The best thing to do in this situation is to forgo the cleaning and take your dog to the vet for a proper diagnosis.

If the ear appears fairly normal but just looks dirty, the next thing to handle is the removal of excessive hair. This will improve air circulation and prevent wax build-up. Pulling out excess hair can be done with little discomfort to your dog if only small amounts are removed at a time and you use an ear powder. To do it safely, pull the ear flap back as previously described and shake a little of the dog ear powder into it. Rub the powder around a little and then proceed to quickly pull out the hair with your hemostat or your fingers.

Alternatively you can use the blunt nosed scissors to clip out excessive hair carefully.

Next you will want to pour some of the cleaning dogs ears - gentle dog ear washdog ear wash into the ear while holding the flap upright. To make sure the solution circulates, massage the outside base of the ear gently - you should be able to hear it sloshing around as you massage.

Once you let go of the ear, your dog will shake his head to remove the remaining dog ear wash, so be prepared! Wipe the skin of the ear flap, outside of the ear canal, with cotton balls or gauze pads to remove the dirt and debris. To protect the delicate nature of a dogs ears, never use q-tips of any kind for cleaning.

Alternatively you can use olive oil or mineral oil for cleaning dogs ears, but never use soap and water as this can cause ear infections!

Cleaning Dogs Ears - Ongoing Care

To help keep a dogs ears healthy requires ongoing preventative care. Regular inspection and cleaning is the best defense to spot and avoid problems. Dog breeds that are hairy, have pendulous ears, or spend considerable time playing in the water are the most prone to ear problems.

Puppies are the most prone to dog ear mites, but they can also pass them along to the mother or other adult dogs. Home remedies for dog ear mites often recommend using almond oil to smother the mites. A few drops placed in the ears after they have been cleaned and repeated daily is said to eliminate them after a few weeks.

There are also commercial products to deal with ear mites, such as PetAlive Ear Dr. - Ear Drops,cleaning dogs ears - ear mites remedy a natural remedy that many owners find very effective.

cleaning dogs ears - ear mites remedy cleaning dogs ears - ear mites remedy

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