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Identifying And Treating
Dog Skin Allergies

Dog skin allergies can be challenging because it is not always obvious what's going on and it may take a bit of detective work to find the cause of the allergic response. There are various types of dog allergies and many have their origins in either food, insects, or something present in the environment such as plants, pollen, insecticides, and molds to name a few.

dog skin allergies

Some pet allergies can erupt overnight without any visible reason at all and these can be the most frustrating. So the first thing that an owner should do is try to isolate which type of allergy is affecting their pet. This is very important so that the right treatment can be started without delay.

You go about this by observing the symptoms of your dog and look for the associated disease or allergy. In the meantime, here are some tips to help you ease your dog’s itching, discomfort, pain, chewing and scratching.

For example skin problems in dogs can be an allergic reaction to some grooming product such as a shampoo or coat spray that you might have used recently. If you find out this is the case, easy solution, you can stop using the product and the discomfort of your dog will gradually subside. Then try a natural organic dog shampoo that is recommended for allergy-prone pets.

Some of the popular ones are Shea Butter Shampoo With Oatmeal and Lanolin, Shea Pet Shea Butter Shampoo With Oatmeal and Lanolin Buddy Wash shampoo and Conditioner for dogs Buddy Wash and Halo Cloud Nine Herbal Shampoo.

At the same time if your dog is allergic to fleas, a simple fleabite might cause immense irritation and uneasiness. Flea infestations can and should be dealt with quickly because they can cause more serious problems. Fortunately there are ways to deal with dog fleas naturally without the use of harsh chemicals.

Other Causes of Dog Skin Allergies

There are some medical conditions like thyroid disease or any fungal infection in which the dog has skin irritation and hair loss. Sometimes people misunderstand this for dog skin allergies.

Experts are of the opinion that if the owner takes care and provides nutritious and balanced diet to his dog and washes and grooms it regularly, there will be very few problem of skin allergy with it. Wash and dry the dog before clipping and apply Aloe Vera gel on the bald areas to avoid infection.

If, in spite of your best care with grooming and nutrition, you still are finding some abnormal rashes or other dog skin allergies, you should immediately contact the veterinarian for his expert advice and testing so that the cause is identified and appropriate treatment is given.

Most common skin allergies in dogs are bacterial skin infections or pyodermas that are not infectious to human beings. These include fungal skin infections, ringworm, and mange that are caused by an allergic reaction to some item, insect, parasitic skin disease like flea allergy and hormonal skin diseases which is the most difficult to diagnose.

It is normally not easy to know for sure whether or not a dog is suffering from dog skin allergies, but by closely observing your pet on a daily basis you will have the best chance of discovering what is at the root of his problem.

The main reason behind this is that while humans react to their allergies through the nose by sneezing, a dog's response to an allergen is usually expressed through their skin. These are extremely frustrating and can be difficult to pin down without careful and controlled observation. If you see your dog scratch, bite, chew its feet, rub its face in the carpet or lick constantly, this is a sure sign that your dog is allergic to something that he is inhaling, coming into direct contact with, or is being consumed by him.

If this happens most of the time or all the year round, consult a vet for that. But if it has occurred instantly, try to observe what was used recently that may have caused the allergic response in your dog. As soon as you stop using that thing, your dog will return to normal once it no longer in his system.

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Food Related Dog Skin Allergies

When it comes to dog food allergies, these are more time-consuming and difficult to pin down. Any ingredient can be the culprit that is causing your dog's irritation and restlessness and it may take a while to isolate the offending ingredient.

Dogs that are fed commercial dog food products are the most at risk to develop allergic responses because many of these foods contain various chemical additives and preservatives. Not only do these chemicals put a huge strain on the kidneys and liver as they work to rid the body of them, but they also have a weakening affect on the immune system and its ability to produce antibodies. The result is some form of sickness in these pets.

If you suspect a food allergy, you may have to eliminate your dog's present food and start your dog on a new regimen that gradually introduces foods into the diet one at a time. This will give you a means of identifying the protein or grain that is causing the problem.

Owners who prepare home made dog food certainly have the advantage of knowing exactly what goes into their dog's bowl, making it simpler to identify the allergen.

So the main thing when you are dealing with dog skin allergies is to find out the cause and then if you can get it cleared up with a home remedy, great! If not, consult a vet as soon as you can and get it treated.

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