Finnish Spitz Dog
Loyal, Yet Independent!

The Finnish Spitz dog, chosen as the national dog of Finland, was once known as the Finnish Barking Bird Dog and is believed to be quite an old breed dating back for thousands of years.

01 Finnish Spitz. Backlit Ginger

His physical appearance has features that are similar to both the fox and the Chow chow.

Some authorities believe its closest ancestor is the Laika, a hunting dog indigenous to Russia, though its major development occurred in Finland where it was once used to hunt Bear and Elk. Its skills at a barking and pointing are now primarily used for bird hunting.

Physical Stats And Care of the Finnish Spitz

Weight: 25 to 35 pounds
Height: Ranges between 15 to 20 inches
Coat Colors: The unmistakable brilliant coat is seen in red-gold, or reddish-brown to deep auburn. White markings may be seen on the toes and on the chest.

The Finnish Spitz has an short sharply pointed upright ears, a square stance coupled with an athletic appearance finished off with an abundantly plumed tail curling into his back. His expression is alert and eager.

The Finnish Spitz dog has a double coat that varies in thickness and color, the undercoat being lighter and having a glowing appearance. Mainly the coat is short and dense in the body and around the neck with longer hair on the back of the thighs and the tail.

Regular brushing is needed to keep the coat well-groomed and free of dead hairs. Seasonal shedding is heavy.

A very popular grooming for keeping the coat free of dead hair is the FURminator.

Finnish Spitz dog standing illustration

Characteristics of the Finnish Spitz Dog

Although this breed has a history of hunting in the outdoors, as family companions they would much rather be indoors where they can be close to their "pack".

And being inside has its advantages for owners who are trying to limit the expression of this breed's "famous" vocal abilities to stay on good terms with their neighbors!

The Finnish Spitz dog is very loyal, playful, cheerful and friendly and enjoys receiving affection and attention. However, being a very intelligent dog with an independent streak, he does need a strong leader to guide and train him with a firm, yet gentle, hand.

Patience, creativity and praise are important words to keep in mind when training this smart dog. It doesn't hurt to have a few treats in your pocket either, as he enjoys eating, but use them sparingly as he can gain weight easily too!

Because of this breed's reputation for barking (it's in his genes), teaching him the difference between "okay" barking and unprovoked nuisance barking is something to start early on in his training.

Owners report he easily catches on to the idea of appropriate barking. Aside from that, you might find his ability to also yodel, quite entertaining!

Early socialization to round out his personality and ward off any potential dog aggressiveness is helpful to the breed.

The Finnish Spitz dog has a healthy score card and a lifespan of between 13 to 15 years if he is well nourished and nurtured.

How Active is the Breed?

The Finnish Spitz dog is active and energetic and loves to run freely if that is a possibility.

At a minimum, daily brisk walks should be taken to keep him in good health both physically and mentally.

Ideal Living Space

Best suited to a house with a reasonable yard for training and romping about.

An apartment is not out of the question if adequate exercise is provided and someone is home to make sure that barking does not become an issue.

The Finnish Spitz With Children?

Has a good reputation for being fond of children - patient and happy to play in their games.

As always, adult supervision is recommended whenever children and pets interact, no matter what the breed.

Senior Or Less Active Families?

The Finnish Spitz dog makes a loyal and loving companion for seniors, being a good watchdog and enjoying the closeness of its owner.

The need for adequate exercise as well as an owner who can be a strong leader is an important consideration.

Further Reading

finnish spitz dog breed book
Finnish Spitz: A Closer Look

An excellent guide for those interested in the breed. Provides comprehensive information on breeding as well as good tips on training.

Also includes interesting information about the history of dogs. The book is lavishly enriched with photographs.

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