Bull Terrier Dogs

Bull Terrier dogs are a very well-recognized breed due in part to their popularity in advertising, television and movies. But, they also have some unique features about their appearance which sets them apart from other breeds.

Bull Terrier standing in the trees

Most distinctive is the oval outline of the Bull Terrier's head, sometimes referred to as egg-shaped, and the close set triangular shaped eyes.

Additionally, for a dog so muscular in appearance, there is a jaunty elegance about the manner in which he carries himself.

Tracing the origins of the Bull Terrier takes us back to the north of England where the breed was developed during the 19th century.

Its predecessors include a breed known as the Bull And Terrier Dog - a dog developed by crossing the Bull Dog and The Black and Tan Terrier.

Around 1850, James Hinks decided to breed the Bull And Terrier dog with the White English Terrier (now extinct), and hence created the familiar BT, an all white and more refined dog.

This dog became quite fashionable as a family protector and companion to gentlemen, and was also described as the White Cavalier in recognition of his courageous and protective qualities.

Subsequently, the White Cavalier was crossed with other breeds that likely included the Dalmatian, Greyhound, Foxhound and Spanish Pointer.

An impressive benchmark was recorded for the Bull Terrier, when in 2006, it was honored at the prestigious Westminster Kennel Club, taking home the Best in Show Award.

This was a doubly significant milestone, being the first time this breed had won the prize. It was a very popular win with the public.

Characteristics of Bull Terrier Dogs

This breed has a good disposition and an affectionate nature. He has a friendly personality and loves companionship.

The BT is very loyal, intelligent and eager to please. Many owners remark on his playfulness and sense of humor.

Bull Terrier dogs are also without a doubt, a strong and fearless breed. Although they have natural obedient traits, they can be stubborn and do need early socialization plus careful training to prevent him from becoming dominant.

Taking your dog to professional training classes is well advised for new owners.

Bull terrier lying down on white pillows inside

Physical Stats And Care

Height: 21-22 inches
Weight: 52-62 lbs.
Color variations: White, Brindle, Black, Red, Fawn or Tri-color

Bull Terrier dogs have a smooth and flat coat that is easily maintained with a weekly brushing using a rubber brush or a chamois.

Bathing is only needed occasionally and you will be the best judge of when it is necessary!

White-coated dogs may need more frequent bathing. Of course there are more areas in need of routine maintenance as with any dog. See our grooming essentials page for more tips.

How Active Is The Breed?

Bull Terriers are quite active dogs that need regular and substantial exercise.

Insufficient exercise for any dog makes them more prone to develop undesirable behavior which would be of special concern in a dog as powerful as the Bull Terrier.

Ideal Living Space

The Bull Terrier is not fussy about living space so you don't need a massive amount of room for the BT.

An apartment or house with small yard will suffice providing exercise needs can be met.

How Is The Bull Terrier With Children?

Selecting Bull Terrier dogs is best done with the help of a professional breeder, as size and temperament can vary greatly.

This breed has a reputation for getting along well with children and enjoys their games, but as with any dog, play should be supervised.

Seniors Or Sedentary Families?

Seniors or more sedentary households will appreciate this loyal and enjoyable companion, providing someone can provide the regular exercise they must have.

Again, selection of a dog should be done with the help of a professional for the same reasons stated above regarding temperament variability.

Share Your Knowledge and Pictures

Are you the proud companion of a Bull Terrier? If you are, then you definitely have a story to tell about this unique and affectionate dog breed.

Would you like to share your Bull Terrier dog's picture with our visitors, as well as the inside scoop about the breed in general?

You can upload photos and tell your dog's story here. For inspiration, read some of the stories about other dog breeds that have already been submitted by other dog lovers.

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