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Toy Manchester Terrier

toy manchester terrier The Toy Manchester Terrier, named after a city in the north of England, is one of the oldest of terriers and one that is both intelligent as well as a very engaging little dog!

This breed is a sleekly built small dog with definite terrier traits whose history dates back prior to the sixteenth century.

The Manchester was originally known as the Black And Tan Terrier, but at some point during the 19th century, the breed's development was influenced by crossings with the Whippet and the Greyhound. Evidence of these physical characteristics is recognizable in the breed today.

Originally these little dogs were used in the north of England for their skill in controlling the rat population in the industrial areas. One of the most accomplished Toy Manchesters was "Tiny" who, in 1848 killed 300 rats in less than an hour, or so it is said!

This appearance of this small dog breed is one of fine structure and good balance. He has upright pointed ears and a well-defined rich coloration of black and tan. In England the ears are left natural and folded over.

The Toy variety of the breed became popular during the reign of Queen Victoria.

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Height: Toy 10-12 inches, vs. Standard: 15-16 inches.
Weight: 7-12 pounds Color: Dark black/tan.

Coat and Care:

The Toy Manchester Terrier has a coat that is short, smooth, sleek and glossy and lies close to its body. The breed has a natural cleanliness and is free of odor. Shedding is very light in the toy variety and maintenance of the coat is easily handled with a small amount of daily brushing or a rub down with a chamois or grooming glove.

Attention should also be given to periodic clipping of nails, inspection of ears and cleaning when necessary.

manchester terrier book manchester terrier book

Personality and Traits:

These dogs are very agile and fast on their feet. They can be outstanding in activities like agility and their high intelligence makes them a natural for excelling in obedience trials.

Manchesters are very alert and confident, they make good watchdogs. They enjoy pleasing their master and are quick learners which makes training them easy and pleasurable.

As a companion dog, they are sensitive to their owners, as well as very loyal and devoted. They can be one-person dogs, but this can usually be overcome if they are well-socialized with other people, pets and situations from an early age.

However, given a choice, they do prefer to be the only dog in the household.

Activity Level:

This dog enjoys and should be given a good amount of outdoor exercise. He has a lot of endurance and believe it or not can become your jogging partner if you are so inclined. Just make sure he is gradually accustomed to this type of activity and he will do just fine.

The Manchester doesn't have much body mass and can use a dog coat when taken out on cooler days.

Space Needs:

This breed is not fussy about space and can easily adapt to apartment living as long as they can run around a bit and get out for regular walks. With their light coat and small body mass, they do better in warmer climates.


Toy Manchester Terriers are best in families with older children who are sensitive and kind with pets that are small and rather delicate, as this one is.

With dogs of any size or breed, we recommend that whenever children play with pets there is always an adult around to supervise their activities.


The Toy Manchester Terrier is affectionate and loyal. The easy care grooming aspects of the breed make them an ideal pet for elderly people or more sedentary families, providing the exercise needs can be arranged.

Share Your Knowledge And Dog Pictures

Do you have a Manchester Terrier? If you do, we know you must be proud to own this special little dog breed.

We would love for you to share your dog's pictures and his/her story, as well as your knowledge about the breed in general.

You can upload photos and tell your dog's story here. For inspiration, read some of the stories already submitted by other dog lovers.

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