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The background of the Miniature Bull Terrier parallels that of his bigger brother - the Standard BT.  At the time of its development in the 19th century, the main objective seems only to have been to breed a dog of more manageable size. A club was founded in England for the mini versions in 1938, by Colonel Glyn.

Bull Terrier lying in the grass with toy

Long gone are their early days when they were associated with the fighting pits, and also used for ratting. Today they are enjoyed as a delightful family companion and much of the pit behavior toward other dogs has mellowed out.

Except for the difference in size, the miniature has all the personality and clownish behavior of the breed and looks like a carbon copy of the standard size dog.

Characteristics of the Miniature Bull Terrier

Friendly, affectionate, obedient and intensely loyal to their owners. They are quite fearless and make good watchdogs.

They are intelligent and even-tempered, but can be a bit on the stubborn side. They thrive on interaction with their owners and need to see you as their leader. Training should be very consistent, firm and fair, including early socialization with other dogs.

The Miniature Bull Terrier is happiest surrounded by family and getting lots of attention. He does not like to be left alone for hours.

Miniature bull terrier standing in the grass

Physical Stats And Care

Height: 10-14 inches
Weight: 24-33 lbs.
Color variations: White, Brindle, Black, Red, Fawn, or Tricolor

The short and harsh textured coat fits tightly and is glossy in appearance. It is easily maintained with weekly brushing and bathing only as needed.

With minimal to no shedding this is a suitable breed for those with allergy problems.

Health Notes

Below is a list of the health issues related to the Miniature Bull Terrier that may affect the breed during its lifetime of up to 13 years.

  • Luxating Patellas
  • Cardiac Disease
  • Primary Lens Luxation
  • Kidney related issues
  • Hearing Loss
  • (LAD) Lethal Acrodermatitis
  • (LP) Laryngeal Paralysis

A professional breeder will have tests completed on breeding stock to include:

  • BAER Hearing Test
  • Kidney-Urine Analysis
  • Ophthalmologist Exam
  • Cardiac Exam
  • PLL DNA Test

and subsequently do a health check on the puppies for these areas.

When seeking a puppy, test results should be readily available.

How Active is the Breed?

This is a very active breed. Significant daily exercise, on a leash, is top priority in caring for this dog.

If you can't get to the dog park, or when the weather doesn't cooperate or time is tight, a dog fitness treadmill is a handy alternative option to provide exercise.

Ideal Living Space

Miniature Bull Terriers will adapt to apartment or house.

Ideally, a secured outdoor area to play is very helpful - did I say he likes to play? A yard also serves to use up some of his high energy in addition to his regular walks.

Suitability For Children?

He can be very rambunctious so better suited to older children who may enjoy and be able to keep up with his playful way.  Small children would probably find him a little overwhelming.

The best policy, whenever pets and children are are interacting and no matter what the breed, is to have adult supervision in place.

Seniors Or Less Active Households?

No more loyal dog could be found for seniors or any dog loving person. Also a good watchdog.

However, this breed does need ongoing training and combined with his exercise needs, this should be taken into account.

Miniature Bull Terrier illustration

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Resource: Miniature Bull Terrier Welfare And Rescue

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