Doberman Pinscher

by Connie Rourke
(Holland, Ohio)

Book link below

Book link below

Growing up, we had a pegboard full of blue ribbons won by the Doberman Pinschers my mom would take to dog shows. But, what I remember most fondly about these dogs is how wonderful they were as pets. We had many through the years, and they were all loving, loyal dogs that were a joy to be around.

We had a dog-run for them to play around in for the exercise they required, but they were perfectly happy sharing the couch with us. My mom often referred to them as her seventy-five pound "lap dogs"!

These are visually striking dogs, medium-sized with sleek lines and a muscular chest, and a stance that is alert, noble and strong. The classic regal appearance of Dobermans sets them apart from other dogs and they are superb pets.

Dobermans are normally well-behaved and not prone to excessive, random barking like some dogs. They're short-haired dogs that don't require a great deal of maintenance and don't shed a lot.

If you can offer them room to run, I would say this breed is a splendid choice. They are both great watchdogs and terrific companions - a unique addition to the family.

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