Cocker Spaniel

by Jessica
(Greer, SC )

Simba -  As A  Puppy

Simba - As A Puppy

My Cocker Spaniel, Simba is very loving, very energetic and is really good with kids.

He always makes me laugh. And he's sooooooo hairy.

Comment from Editor:

Yes, Cocker Spaniels do have a lot of hair, but we're sure you have the grooming under control judging by the look of your puppy.

And did you know Jessica that you have something in common with Oprah Winfrey who also loves this this breed of dog and adopted two of them in early 2009. Not sure, but we think she just has one now.

Obviously, you are enjoying your charming little dog, Samba.

Thanks for sharing his picture.

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