The Citronella Dog Collar
A "Gentle" Approach To Control Barking!

The Citronella dog collar is one approach to nuisance barking that reportedly has over a 95% success rate!

In fact, tests carried out by animal behavior institution found that citronella bark collars are twice as effective as shock type collars - which many dog owners won't even consider.

If you have a dog barking control problem, the citronella dog collar may be just the solution to excessive woofing.

But first, let's be realistic, dogs bark!

Some dog breeds bark more than others, so if you have low tolerance for barking, the first line of defense may be to get a dog that's not generally known to be a barker.

gentle no bark dog collar

Which Barking Control Is Right For Your Dog?

Before barking gets out of hand and falls into the over-the-top category, it's time to take action because it can cause big problems with neighbors and also violate city ordinances.

Worst of all, it can ruin an owner's relationship with their dog. This kind of barking needs a solution before it gets out of control.

When an owner has not been able to successfully correct the problem with positive reinforcement training, a no-bark device is worth considering.

Among the choices, are electronic shock devices, high pitched sonic deterrents, and citronella bark collars.

Popular Choices Among Pet Parents

In our research of no bark collars, the citronella dog collar came out on top for most dog owners. This type of collar is also available unscented, although I'm not sure how effective this would be since it is the scent that is repugnant to the pet.

Another bark control device, is one that picks up a dog's barking by a vibration sensor and then emits a high pitched whistle-like noise, heard only by the dog.

They fall under the category of ultrasonic pet trainers and have also received positive feedback from some owners so I have included them here.

These type of bark control systems would certainly be a good choice if it's the neighbor's dog making the racket where you have less options!!!. But they can also be used to quiet your own dog both indoors and outdoors.

The citronella dog collar, on the other hand, has an overall high rate of success, validated in controlled animal studies by credible institutions.

As for electronic shocks, no "dog spoiler" would even consider such a device, so that option is immediately discredited.

How The Citronella Dog Collar Works

Attached to a regular adjustable collar is a sound receiver and a spray device that releases a burst of citronella in response to barking.

Citronella is a grass that produces an oil that smells like lemon. The receiver in this device is calibrated so it won't be activated by other nearby sounds.

The all-natural citronella scent is sufficiently unpleasant to a dog so as to cause an interruption in his noise making activity and deter the unwanted barking.

It's really a humane way to get his attention!

Many users are thrilled by the degree of dog barking control they have been able to achieve and report that after a short while, just wearing the collar without the citronella works by itself.

Tips For Using

  • Praise your dog when he stops barking and is then quiet or slows down his frenzy. Say "good quiet", or something similar.
  • Read the instructions for attaching and adjusting the collar to the your dog's neck.
  • Some users report that the best results occur when their dog only wears the collar for a few minutes at a time. This makes good sense to me as it may be more effective in helping the dog learn when his barking is unnecessary.

    After all, not all barking is unwanted - some we welcome for protective purposes. Intermittent use, may also help your dog recognize the collar for its purpose, as well as prevent your dog from becoming accustomed to the scent.

Where To Buy

There are a few choices of brands for the citronella bark collar which can be seen here on Amazon.

Click on any one to learn more about the product.

Alternative products use vibration sensors while others use microphone receiver technology. The ultra sonic dog training collar is another option .

A dog is not considered a good dog because he is a good barker. A man is not considered a good man because he is a good talker... Chuang-tzu

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