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Choosing the best dog shampoo and conditioner can lead to great dog grooming results and healthier skin for your favorite dog pal. Yes, even professional results can be had at home if time is taken to select the dog formulas most suitable for your dog's coat and skin condition.

To make it easier for you to keep Rover's coat in the best condition and looking good, we have scoured the web to find the most effective dog shampoos with safe ingredients.

Among the choices are products for hypoallergenic, itchy, or sensitive dogs, those needing coat conditioning, and even dry dog shampoo for special circumstances.

We hope this information will help you select the best dog shampoo for your pet's needs.

Hypoallergenic Dog Shampoo

  • Best dog shampoo for allergic pets
  • Completely non-toxic, no harmful ingredients
  • Gentle, moisturizing and conditioning
  • Certified organic
  • Safe for puppies and adult pets
  • Made in USA

Your sensitive pet will thank you for finding this all natural, certified organic shampoo. Not only will it give your dog or puppy a gentle soap-free wash, it will also naturally deter fleas with the essential oil of lemongrass.

See a happier dog as his skin becomes moisturized and less itchy. Enjoy the compliments he gets about his soft, shiny coat. All this from eco-friendly ingredients you can feel good about too!

Skin Soothing and Gentle Shampoo

  • Formulated to relieve dry, itchy skin
  • pH adjusted, skin soothing and gentle
  • No parabens and PEG-80 Free
  • Contains oatmeal, coconut, lime, aloe and lemon verbena
  • Oatmeal to soothe and heal
  • Odor neutralizing gentle formula
  • Made in USA

This hypoallergenic dog shampoo will bring relief to your dog's dry coat or itchy skin with the natural anti-inflammatory and regenerating help of aloe and oatmeal.

Wahl pet shampoo contains nutrients to moisturize, soothe, and nourish your pet's skin.

Your dog's licking and scratching will get the help it needs to heal while his coat will be silky smooth and smelling amazing!

Best Dog Shampoo For Itchy Skin

This environmentally safe shampoo is specially formulated for dry sensitive skin.

With a soap-free base to protect your pet's eyes and nose, this natural formula has an impressive list of non-toxic ingredients. Among them are essentials oils along with rosemary, oatmeal, shea butter and aloe vera, all known for their soothing and hydrating qualities.

  • All natural botanical blend with Green Tea and Chamomile to add sheen.
  • "2-in-1" shampoo and conditioner
  • Hypo-allergenic and pH-balanced for pets.
  • No sulfates, parabens, or artificial colors.
  • Biodegradable and cruelty-free.
  • Tear-free and easy to rinse
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • Made In the USA!

Best Dog Shampoo For Sensitive Dogs

Pro Pet Works Natural is vet recommended and a specially formulated dog shampoo for pets with allergies to food, grass and flea bites.

Contains organic aloe extracts, almond oil and vitamins A, D & E delivered right to the hair follicle for exceptional conditioning.

  • Organic blend soap-free cleanser with natural oils and aloe
  • Formulated for pets with allergies and sensitive skin
  • No alcohol, sulphates, added colors, or harsh chemicals
  • Paraben and Cruelty free
  • Contains soothing oils and proteins to repair a dull coat
  • Moisture rich and Hypoallergenic  - great relief for itchy dry skin
  • Made in USA

Best Dog Shampoo For Flea Protection

TropiClean Natural Flea and Tick Shampoo for Dogs and Puppies is the best dog flea shampoo to choose if you want to avoid the use of toxic ingredients.

It will wage war on flea and tick infestations in a natural way and eliminate them on contact. At the same time your dog's coat will be thoroughly cleaned, moisturized, de-tangled and conditioned.

  • Formulated to combat fleas and ticks on contact
  • Ideal for dry, sensitive skin and coat
  • Conditions and deodorizes
  • Contains bug fighting essential oils of rosemary, cedarwood, and clove
  • Brings soothing relief while eliminating itching
  • Leaves your pet with a long lasting fresh scent
  • Made in USA

Natural Dog Shampoos, by Espree

Grooming products are made with all natural human grade ingredients including aloe vera and essential oils. Espree dog shampoos and conditioners are free of pesticides and have several formulas to provide for different coat and skin care needs.

  • Made with 100% Organically Grown Aloe Vera
  • A gentle shampoo designed for puppies and sensitive skin.
  • Safe for nursing and expectant mothers. .
  • Tearless, hypo-allergenic shampoo.
  • Real, simple, and plant-based ingredients
  • Cleans effectively without drying or irritation.
  • Made in the USA

Click here to see all products from the Espree line

"Dry" Dog Shampoo

  • Best dog shampoo in a dry mousse formula
  • No parabens or sulphates
  • No sodium laureth sulfate
  • Gentle, no rinse, coconut based cleanser
  • A beneficial formula that conditions the skin and provides nourishment to dry coats
  • Good for sensitive skin
  • Easy to use for quick refreshing clean-up
  • Mango and Pomegranite scent
  • Made in America

An easy to use mousse formula great for in between a full grooming or when your dog is recovering from a veterinary procedure and can't get wet. It's as easy as massaging the foam into your dog's coat and letting it air dry. Follow up with a brush and in minutes your dog is clean, deodorized and refreshed!

Chris Christensen Professional Products

Top of the line high quality products to meet every coat type and skin condition.

Best dog shampoo and conditioners for show dog fanciers and anyone who wants Rover to look his best.

Unique formulas for clarifying, conditioning and restoring coat color. While all Chris Christensen products are outstanding, the Ice on Ice finishing spray, shown below, is one of their best products in my view

  • Best dog shampoo for moisturizing. Made with natural botanicals
  • Fortifies and restores coat and protects color
  • White on White- Get the yellow out without dyes, produces lustrous sheen on all coats.
  • Black on Black Shampoo- Get the red out, optic intensifying, produces intense sheen.
  • Gold on Gold Shampoo - Restores and enhances gold tones. Revitalizing.
  • After bath rinse - Great follow-up to color treatment, seals cuticles.
  • Clean Start Clarifying- Removes build-up of residues without stripping. Vitamin enriched.
  • Silk Spirits - Eliminate static and frizz caused by dry climate conditions while restoring luster and a smooth silky coat.

Click here to see all dog shampoos and conditioners from Chris Christensen

Best Dog Shampoo - Soap Free

Cloud Star Dog products are made with natural plant based cleansers, herbal extracts, and vitamins, no soap or DEA.

  • Soap free shampoo.. Made in the USA with pure botanical extracts.
  • Calming green tea & bergamot scent -  for a relaxing stress free bath time.
  •  Rosemary And Mint Shampoo - to heal and regenerate skin and coat.
  •  Daily Freshen Up - herbal spray with lavender and mint to deodorize and restore.

On a final note, if your dog is unfortunate enough to blunder into skunk land, you might want to go check out our solutions so that Rover can get out of the doghouse and back into your house!

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