Basic Dog Obedience Training
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Basic dog obedience training is an important part of raising Rover and the key to establishing a positive relationship with your pet that will endure!

Training your dog or puppy with the basics of obedience is the first step toward his recognition of you, as his pack leader, and the beginning of gaining respect for one another.

Why Dog Obedience Training is So Important

  • Once a puppy leaves his canine pack and becomes a member of your family pack, he needs to know the pecking order and who's the pack leader. Obedience training quickly makes it clear who's the "top dog". Make no mistake, dogs thrive on clarity!
  • To feel happy and have a sense of belonging, he needs to know the rules and how to behave with his new pack. Basic dog obedience training will accomplish this too.
  • With strong leadership, your pet is directed toward desirable behavior and gains assurance that he is pleasing you. It's another stepping stone toward building a deeper trusting relationship.
  • A dog with good manners is also much more socially acceptable. He won't embarrass you when friends come over.
  • Dogs like to feel useful. Training accomplishes this and also staves off boredom. Remember when canines first hooked up with man, they were put to work - and enjoyed it!
  • He'll be safer to travel with on vacations, trips around town, or just out on a walk especially if you've worked on recall.

Getting Started With Obedience Training

A very important secret to communicating with dogs when teaching obedience is learning how they think and understanding their body language.

Once you have a grasp on this, teaching your dog will be a lot easier and faster. So get yourself set up with a good system of basic dog obedience training that includes the professional secrets needed to be successful.

Without a reliable program to follow, you'll be flying blind and this could be very frustrating and miserable for both you and the dog.

All dogs are trainable although some breeds are more willing learners, because they've inherited strong trainability traits from their ancestors.

Regardless of this fact, all dogs want the approval of their masters and this fact alone makes them good candidates for training. It also means that you as their pack leader, are the best person to train them.

Of course there are some excellent private instructors out there, but going this route can be expensive. Plus you are missing the opportunity that you get to bond with your pet when you train in-home. Just a few dollars will get you started with a professional guide to basic dog obedience training.

The advantage of a reliable system is that it will get you started with all the foundational basic commands such at sit, stay, come, down, leave-it, etc. And you will have all the information at hand to take you to the next level when you and your dog are ready.

I also highly recommend this approach for the reason that if you do this yourself your pet won't have to make the adjustment to a new situation or new trainer down the road.

Reasons Not To Put Off Dog Obedience Training

You will be spending a lifetime together and your bond will only get stronger once your pet understands what's expected of him/her. It's really not fair to put off this critical part of his relationship with you. So don't leave him stranded without any guidance.

  • Left to their own devices, dogs have no clue what's expected of them and will be forced to make their own decisions. This is setting them up to fail!
  • Without the communication that a pet needs from you in the form of training, he will experience uncertainty, confusion and a lack of confidence. In other words, he will feel stressful.
  • Pets in stressful situations, make bad decisions.
  • He will be shunned as his behavior deteriorates.

Avoiding The Animal Shelter

Here's the bottom line sad but true: Untrained pets frequently wind up in animal shelters because they...

  • Developed a lot of bad habits.
  • Didn't get along with your family.
  • Didn't get along with the neighbors.
  • Weren't trustworthy around people in various situations.
  • Showed signs of aggression.

...all things that could have been resolved by some simple training.

Many owners who surrender their dogs to shelters will say they were forced to because of relocation, divorce, busy schedule, finances, travel, etc.

But the real reason is often because their cute puppy grew up into a confused and insecure pet with lots of problems!!

The simple kindness of owners taking their responsibility seriously and starting basic dog obedience training with their dogs, could save thousands of pets from this undeserved fate.

Teaching a pet the main requirements for good behavior is one of the most essential steps to ensuring that dogs will never wind up in an animal shelter, but will take their rightful place as a beloved member of the family.

Basic Dog Obedience Training Tips

Lastly, here are a few training tips to keep in mind when starting out:

  • Choose a place for training where you won't be disturbed.
  • Fill your pocket with the motivators you'll use for rewards and encouragement. I'm talking about healthy food treats! These are the strongest motivators in the beginning. Non-food rewards can be mixed in later when progress has been made.
  • Be consistent, use the same word for a command each time and stick with it.
  • Work on one command at a time until it is well understood, then move on to the next.
  • Keep training sessions short and fun.
  • Make commands that your dog has learned a part of his life by using them daily.
  • Repetition and consistency is the key to sustained recall.

Most of all enjoy the time you spend with your best friend and give him a good life!

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