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sick pet Health insurance for pets, is a lifeline Rover doesn't want to be without. When your dog needs to see the vet, he wants to be sure you can afford to get him the necessary help.

Did you ever think about taking out insurance before your dog got sick? Probably if you're like most of us, you didn't.

It's hard to imagine that your pet will ever develop a life threatening illness when you have always taken good care of him. When it does happen, the cost of treatment can be a blow to our budget.

While the first concern is getting the help he deserves, the cost of treatment can present a difficult economic decision. In some cases, a family may be forced to make the "unimaginable" choice of parting with their best friend. Taking out vet insurance for your dog, may turn out to be your dog's life preserver in a crisis.

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Top Bwenefits Of Pet Health Insurance:

  • Insurance will help you cover the routine health care costs or unexpected emergencies that will occur during your dog's lifetime.
  • 1 in 3 pets visit the emergency room each year according to industry statistics.
  • Relieves you of heartbreaking decisions about cost of treatment when you pet has a life threatening condition!
  • Takes away the worry of unanticipated emergency vet visits.
  • Peace of mind knowing both accidents and illnesses can be covered.
  • 1000's of illnesses eligible, plus routine and emergency treatments, depending on the plan you select.
  • Health insurance for pets is a good alternative to saving for a rainy day - would you really put the money aside? What if your pet needed expensive treatment next week, would you have enough saved?
  • And think about this one - dog and puppy insurance is cheaper than a veterinary loan.
  • It's Not just for older dogs. Start while they are puppies - young pets are less coordinated and prone to accidents.
  • Manage costs of long term treatments.
  • Prepare for inevitable senior pet health issues.
  • Consider what some of the typical health insurance for pets covers: surgeries, cancer, prescriptions, heartworm protection, eye problems, ear infections, flea control, skin allergies, accidents, MRIs, CAT scans, blood work, and much more.

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No matter how much spoiling you give your dog in the form of toys, treats, fancy beds, apparel etc., nothing will be more important than giving your pet the gift of good health.

When the family's best friend is out of sorts, whether it is a problem related to his ears, stomach, bladder, or even his eyes, everyone is worried. At times like these, we don't want to have to think about the cost of going to the vet to find out what is wrong with Rover.

We just want to make him better quickly!

Sometimes we may find a home remedy we can try, but many other times the vet's professional advice is needed.

Our pets give us unconditional loyalty and love... and we owe them the same! When they are down and out, they really rely on us to get them the best veterinary care they deserve to return them to health. It is almost impossible to think that we would have to decline a life-saving treatment for our beloved dog, because of cost!

vet examining dog Planning ahead by taking out health insurance for pets, will help you and your dog rest easier.

Long before that unhappy day when your pup is poorly, a recovery network should be in place.

My advice is to get off on the right "paw" by finding a competent and caring vet - before you "need" one in an emergency. It will be ever so much easier to handle a crisis when the vet already has your dog's records. And, if his clinic is close to home, so much the better.

Ask around in dog lover circles for referrals to vets or clinics they use and trust. Or check online. Vets belonging to the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA), have aspired to meet AAHA's high standards of quality care.

But don't stop there... Pay a visit to more than one facility close to your home. Take note of the housekeeping, the way you are welcomed and the willingness of the staff to show and tell you about their clinic and policies.

Find out about the hours of operation, fees and how they handle emergencies. You might also find out how many veterinarians are on staff and if they each have the same or different areas of specialization.

vet with dog When you have sniffed out the lay of the land "vetwise", you'll be a lot more comfortable in choosing a vet for your best friend and getting all his dog records organized. You'll also feel a lot more secure knowing that you've got a protection plan in place which will no doubt include veterinary insurance for your pet. Dogs go through certain stages of development when they are more prone to disease and accidents. One of these times is during Puppyhood.

You'll want keep up on all their puppy shots to protect them against disease and give them a chance to develop a strong immune system during this stage of their lives.

Later on, other health challenges invariably will come up - some more severe than others.

Insurance to cover vet visits could really help many a financial decision involving your pet. So think about enrolling him early, before health problems occur which might then be excluded.

If our dog companion were to develop arthritis, a back problem, or some other serious condition, I know most of us would break the bank to relieve him of his pain.

But perhaps we don't have to.... With a little insurance pre-planning, perhaps we can ease our financial pain too!

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