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German Wirehaired Pointer
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German Wirehaird Pointer Dog

Background and Description

The German Wirehaired Pointer was recognized as a distinct breed in his native country in 1870. This breed is one of the most popular and highly regarded sporting dogs among the pointers.

The breeds that mainly contributed to its development include the Wirehaired Pointing Griffon, Pudelpointer, Stichelhaar, and Deutscher-Kurzhaar.

This is a very versatile and skilled pointer, working both on land and water and in most any climate. Its coat and webbed feet are noteworthy physical features that provide it with both the ability and needed protection for working in all types of terrain.

The bushy eyebrows, thick whiskers and mustache give this dog a rather dignified and stylish facial expression. He is considered to be a very sturdy breed that is easy to care for. AKC recognition was obtained in 1959.

Personality and Traits:

The German Wirehaired Pointer is bold and intelligent and makes a good watchdog. He loves to work and enjoys a considerable amount of outdoor activity. Field trials would be a good outlet for his natural abilities and need for exercise. Plus, he loves being involved in anything that challenges his abilities outdoors.

The GWP is an affectionate and loyal dog that thrives on close contact with its family "pack". As a result, he can be trained easily and enjoys pleasing his master. Best training method with this breed is consistency, along with a kind hand.

Training should be started early along with socialization which is essential to give him a broader view of the world around him and accustom him to people, places and things in a variety of settings.

This breed is generally a pretty even-tempered dog, but if cooped up too much will become restless and bored. Once this happens, undesirable behavior - which can take the form of barking or destructiveness - is sure to follow.

Families that don't have a lot of time to spend with their dog, would best seek a different breed.

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The GWP can live up to fourteen years under normal conditions and with good care.

Health conditions that are associated with this breed include the joint condition of hip dysplasia, eye probems such as the eyelid condition of entropion which often need surgical intervention and cataracts which can result in blindness.

Von Willebrands Disease, a blood clotting disorder, is another concern to be aware of that may affect the breed.


Appearance, Coat and Care:

Height: 22-26 inches
Weight: 56-65 lbs.
Coat Colors: Liver, or a combination of Liver and White

The German Wirehaired Pointer has a double coat that is weather resistant and gives good protection in water. The outercoat is thick and wiry, up to 2 inches in length and is flat-lying. The GWP enjoys an undercoat that is thick in winter for warmth and very thin in summer for cooler protection.

Weekly brushing will keep the coat in good order. However during the shedding period - around springtime - the coat needs to be carefully and thoroughly combed. Stripping is needed occasionally.

Activity Level:

The German Wirhaired Pointer is Highly active. The emphasis is on "highly" so that there is no confusion that this breed needs a considerable amount of exercise. He will give even an active family a run for their money - literally! If you're a jogger - he'll happily be at your side!

Space Needs:

Rural setting with acreage would be the ideal setting for the German Wirehaired Pointer. This high energy dog needs room to run. Best suited to a house with yard, at a minimum.


Best with older mature children who have respect for his intelligence and powerful abilities. Adult supervision is the still the recommended policy to follow whenever pets and children of any age are interacting.


The Wirehair's level of energy and exercise requirements would be difficult for most seniors to handle, or for those families that enjoy living a more sedentary lifestyle.

Share Your Knowledge And Dog Pictures

Do you have a German Wirehaired Pointer? If you do, we know you must be proud to own this distinctive and rare dog breed.

We would love for you to share your dog's pictures and his story as well as your knowledge about the breed in general.

You can upload photos and tell your dog's story here. For inspiration, read some of the stories already submitted by other dog lovers.

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