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clumber spaniel

Background and Description

Clumber Spaniels are accomplished hunting dogs and have been associated with sporting life for over two hundred years, though the actual details of their origin are still debated.

There is wide belief that the breed was developed in Nottinghamshire, England and took their name from Clumber Park in that region. Another account suggests they originated in France and came to this northern part of England via a French aristocrat who, supposedly, brought similar dogs over during the revolution.

The Clumber does not have a typical spaniel appearance, being long and heavy-set in his body, lower to the ground and with a very large head. From his physical attributes, it is easy to accept the notion that there was some blending of both the Basset Hound and alpine spaniels - such as the St Bernard, in his development. The facial lines and kindly expression are very reminiscent of the latter.

If you have a Clumber, or are knowledgable about the breed, you're invited to share your insider information here on the website.


Height: 19-20 inches
Weight: 55-85 lbs
Color variations: Predominantly white with lemon orange markings.

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Coat and Care:

The Clumber's abundant coat is straight, silky, quite dense and weather resistant. Regular grooming with brush and comb is needed to remove loose hair and any accumulation of debris from outdoor activities which may become attached to the heavy coat.

An excellent tool to deal with the heavy shedding is the FURminator

Eyes need to be kept clean and ears should have a regular inspection and be kept free of hair.

Personality and Traits:

Clumber Spaniels have a reputation for being reliable, calm and dignified in their demeanor. They are considered ideal family companions, being very gentle and extremely loving toward their master. The loyalty of the breed makes them useful as watchdogs though they are not nuisance barkers.

The Clumber is eager to please, very intelligent and easily trained for hunting, tracking and retrieving. His very keen sense of smell coupled with a slow and stealthy approach, enables him to sneak up on his quarry without detection. He is an efficient retriever both on land and water.

These spaniels have healthy appetites and enjoy food. It is recommended that owners keep an eye on the scale to make sure their dog stays within a healthy range for its size.

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Activity Level:

The Clumber Spaniel's orientation has been as a working dog enjoying plenty of outdoor activity. As such, he needs regular exercise to satisfy the call of the wild and to stay healthy. If allowed to become too sedentary, this breed has a tendency to gain weight.

Space Needs:

Not suited to apartment living which would be too confining. This breed does best in a home with a significant yard and plenty of room to run about.


Has an excellent reputation with children, being very playful and patient. However, because children and dogs can be unpredictable it's always wise to play it safe and have adult supervision whenever they are interacting.


The loving and loyal nature of Clumber Spaniels make them ideal companions for the elderly providing regular walks can be provided and the home has an outside area of sufficient size for the Clumber to spend some time each day.

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Other Recommended Resources:

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