Xara's Menu

by Dee

Belgian Book Link Below

Belgian Book Link Below

We have a 9 year old Belgian Shepherd dog named Xara. She really thinks she is a person, probably because she's treated that way!

She's allergic to milk/dairy products so she gets beans and rice with lean meats like chicken, beef, or pork and it MUST be seasoned with garlic, herbs like rosemary and pepper.

She eats when the family eats. We keep the portions small so that she doesn't gain weight.

If we are having a snack, she must have one as well. She loves fresh popcorn. Not the microwaved stuff but the HOMEMADE kind you cook on the stove!

We have a hard time when we go on a vacation because a pet sitter just doesn't have the touch. She's been known not to eat for days until we get back. How's that for spoiled?

Belgians Dog Book is available belgian malinois bookhere at Amazon

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