West Highland White Terrier

by Iowagal

I highly recommend West Highland Terriers for any type of family. I grew up with a Westie - their familiar name - and I have found they are extremely loving and loyal.

They do need a fair amount of exercise to satisfy the terrier in them and when they are puppies they do love to chew.

They are probably not going to be the best with cats as they love to chase them. They are very playful and tend to bark when doing so and will bark when they take on a protector role with the family.

This breed won't be ignored, so be prepared to give it a lot of attention, in fact if you don't, they will more or less demand it!

My Westie was completely fine with children 2+. She loved being taken on walks by the toddlers and was completely aware she could not pull.

The Westie does have a mind of its own and it believes you reside in its domain. My dog would jump to sit next to you and wiggle until you moved over so she had the place she wanted.

Although Westies wouldn't necessarily do well with cats they are great with other dogs. I brought home a Silky puppy when my dog was about 9 and she immediately took on a mother role with the puppy. She played very gently.

My lovely West Highland Terrier lived to be 16 years old so they definitely have the potential to live long lives.

West Highland White Terrier dog art picture

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