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Toy Fox Terriers
A Delightful Toy Dog Breed

toy fox terrier > Toy Fox Terriers were developed in America from the breeding of the Smooth Fox Terrier with various toy breeds including the Manchester Terrier, Miniature Pinschers, Italian Greyhounds and Chihuahuas. What resulted was a devoted and courageous dog with a charming yet feisty terrier attitude!

The appearance of this smooth-coated small dog is both handsome and well-balanced. Characteristics of both the toy and the terrier can be seen in its general personality. This small dog breed is one that is playful all its life and will happily lend a hand to chase down rodents if needed. It is the devoted, spirited and playfulful nature which attracts many people to this breed.

Appearance, Coat and Care:

Height: Ideally around 10 inches
Weight: 3.5 to 7 pounds
Colors: White and black with tan, white/tan, or white/black.

Not to be confused is the Miniature Fox Terrier whose height range is 9-12 inches and weight slightly less that the toy variety.

This is one dog that looks tidy all the time. Grooming is a snap with their smooth easy care coat and light/average amount of shedding. A once a week brush and occasional bath is all that is normally needed.

They do, however, dislike being wet so keep a super-soft drying towel (like the one below) at the ready to dry them off after being outside on wet grass or rainy day walks etc.
very soft and absorbent dog towel Soggy Doggy Super Shammy

Toy Fox Terriers - Health:

This toy dog breed is for the most part regarded as pretty healthy and long-lived - 12 to 16 years if he is obtained from a reputable breeder.

Diseases that are associated with The TFT include: Patellar Luxation either congenital or from injury, Demodectic Mange, Congenital Legg-Calve-Perthes Disease which causes the hip joints to deteriorate - similar to, but not the same as hip dysplasia., and von Willebrand's Disease (vWD) which causes abnormal bleeding.

toy fox terrier, pet dental toy fox terrier, pet dental Another disease - Congenital Hypothyroidism with Goiter - is considered by some experts to be quite rare in the breed, but is one that affects puppies and is usually fatal.

The TFT is also prone to gum disease which if left untreated can lead to serious heart problems. They can also be allergic to beet pulp, corn and wheat.

Owners should be attentive to dental hygiene, bone health, and skin care.

Personality and Traits:

Brave and alert with the fearless demeanor that is akin to the terrier, they make excellent watchdogs, but some may get overly fond of barking if left alone too much! Training is crucial to this super intelligent, clever and active little dog if for no other reason than to protect him from his "big dog" mentality! During training, it bears keeping in mind that TFTs have the inquisitive terrier nature and can easily become distracted from the task at hand - especially if sessions are prolonged or a bit boring. But overall they are generally very easy to train and eager to please.

Their disposition is as loving, loyal and devoted as you could wish. They will eagerly enjoy both a cuddle on the couch or a spirited, energetic game. Toy Fox Terriers are comical, playful and entertaining little dogs that have performed with great agility in the circus. They also remain quite youthful throughout their lives and are uncanny in their ability to be very in tune with their master's mood.

Toy Fox Terrier Stamp stamp
Toy Fox Terrier Stamp
Toy Fox Terrier - Starry Night mousepad
Fox Terrier
Starry Night Mousepad
Toy Fox Terrier Mug mug
Fox Terrier Mug

Activity Level:

The TFT is considered to be self-exercised as a result of his indoor activity always being on the high side. They'll happily take you for a walk though and it is in the best interest of all dogs to be walked daily for the mental and physical stimulation they need!

Space Needs:

Very adaptable to most any living situation and requiring little space. They are not generally nuisance which makes them compatible with apartment living.


This breed is perfect for kids because they live to play, are smart, clever and have lots of energy. Because of their size, they do best with children over the age of six who are mature enough to be considerate and gentle with pets. As always, it is a good policy to have an adult supervise activities between dogs and youngsters.


Toy Fox Terriers make excellent pets for the elderly - being enjoyable, protective, easy care, and can also be trained to give assistance.

Fun Stuff for Small dogs:

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Solo Build It!

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