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Miniature Pinscher Dogs
A Toy Dog Breed

Can you imagine the Miniature Pinscher dogs as entertaining little circus performers?

Well it's true they once did this and it suited them very well as they do enjoy being center stage!

In their early days this breed was also often used as a working dog and had the unglamorous, but essential, job of ridding farm households and stables of rats.

Min Pins, as they are affectionately known, have been likened in appearance to both a very small deer or the miniature version of the Dobermann Pinscher. Some people also mistakenly presume that they are a relative of the Dobie.

In truth, they originated in Germany before the Doberman was developed and are believed to be descended from the German smooth-coated Pinscher, Italian Greyhound, the Klein Pinscher and the smooth-coated Dachshund.

Miniature Pinschers are also believed to be an ancient breed as evidenced by the discovery of their likeness in old paintings and sculptural artifacts.

Breeds that are similar in appearance to this breed include the Toy Fox Terrier, the Rat Terrier and the Manchester Terrier.

Ten years after the Miniature Pinscher dogs arrived in the United States, a national club was formed to represent them and the breed was shown in the "Terrier" group. In fact Pinscher is the German word for terrier.

However, later on the breed was reclassified into the toy dog breeds, where they remain today.

Miniature Pinscher dogs are compact, yet leggy, little dogs with a confident, cheerful demeanor and fearless nature. They are very popular pets and make excellent companions.

Clean cut and sleek are the words that come to mind in describing this dog. He has a very well-balanced look to his body and his expression is made ever alert-looking by his erect ears and attentive eyes.

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Temperament And Traits:

Miniature Pinscher dogs are a fearless and intelligent breed that learns quickly and are very good watchdogs, but they can be barkers. For this reason, it is wise to train them to be quiet at your command and understand that not every sound is a threat or an intruder!

The Min Pin is not your typical toy dog that is waiting to be pampered - they are feisty and confident and will rule the roost if you don't establish your leadership from the get-go.

On the other hand, they are a very loving and devoted dog with a lively spirit, and make excellent, as well as entertaining, pets. The Min Pins also are ideal show dogs – as they are natural performers and enjoy being the center of attention.

miniature pinscher dog

Appearance And Coat Care

Height: 10-12-1/2 inches
Weight: 8-10 pounds
Coat Colors: black/tan, chocolate/tan and stag red.

The coat is smooth and sheds little. Grooming is easily handled by wiping down with a dog cloth and brushing about once or twice a week.

This breed is sensitive to the cold, so dog coats or sweaters are a good idea on cooler days.

Activity Level:

They enjoy - and should be given plenty of exercise even though they are quite active around the house. A large area where they can safely run freely will be very much appreciated, or a substantial regular walk.

Space Needs:

The Min Pin will adapt easily to either house or apartment, but if you live in the latter, it will work out much better if your dog has learned the "quiet" command.

Children :

Miniature Pinscher dogs are not at ease around young children and they can be snappy if pestered, best with children over the age of 11, who can be sensitive toward pets. As always the best policy, if you have children, is to make sure an adult supervises their activities with pets.


The Miniature Pinscher is a very protective breed that makes a devoted companion to the elderly providing he has a place where he can run freely or someone is available to take him out for daily exercise.

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