Toy Poodle Favorite

by C Little

<font size=2> Poodle Blackboard - link below</font>

Poodle Blackboard - link below

My family had a number of Toy Poodles while I was growing up.

One of the biggest reasons my mother wanted a toy poodle was the lack of shedding. She didn't want to have to worry about cleaning up dog hair all the time.

What I remember most about our dogs is how friendly they all were. Toy poodles are generally great dogs to have around children. They are very loving animals.

I have children now and although we are not able to have our own dog right now, we love to visit Soupy at my mother's. Soupy is getting a little older now, but is still very healthy and happy.

My children absolutely love her. Soupy is very patient with the kids, she makes sure each of my children get to say Hi and 'love her' in their own way. Her patience is abundantly clear with my two year old who can be very exuberant at times.

I'm not a dog expert by any means, but my experience with the Toy Poodle breed showed me that they make great family pets, they are fun to train, easy to clean up after, and if they are well taken care of they stay happy and healthy for many years.

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