Shih-Tzu Ruby

by Rob

Shih Tzu Art Print - link below

Shih Tzu Art Print - link below

I absolutely love my little Shih-Tzu, Ruby. She has been the most precious thing ever since we brought her home.

This dog is amazing at cuddling, and lives to please. This dog would jump off a cliff if I told it to. She loves to do nothing more than to please me.

Whenever I take a nap on the couch she is right on top of me curled up in a ball taking her own little nap. Ruby loves to play and is always up for a game of tug of war.

She is a pure-bred and sadly has renal dysplasia, but we plan on enjoying the 4 years, if not more (fingers crossed), that we have with her.

This dog brings smiles to everyone’s face, as well as kisses. On occasion she acts as if she is the size of a German Shepherd and will commonly stand up to dogs much larger then her; she is never vicious though. Ruby, my Shi-Tzu is a loving little dog that anyone would enjoy.

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