Shetland Sheepdog a.k.a Sheltie

by DPA
(Lafayette, IN)

I’d like to share about my favorite dog breed, the Shetland Sheepdog.

About a couple years ago, I made a visit to a friend’s house to be greeted by McTavish, their 9 year-old Sheltie. He was just the cutest and the most wonderful dog I’ve ever seen! From that moment, I vowed that someday I too, will own a Sheltie.

As soon as I got my own apartment, I did more research about the breed to assure myself that this was what I wanted.

I found out that Shelties are in the herding group of the 7 dog groups of the AKC. Shelties ranked number 6 in the Stanley Coren’s dog’s intelligence list. The dogs in the top-10 list understand new commands in less than 5 repetitions and obey first commands 95% or better.

It is also mentioned that Shelties are very loyal dogs and make wonderful family pets. However, they are reserved towards strangers and in the extreme this may result in timidity which is why it is necessary to socialize them while they’re young.

Finally I got Troy last September of 2007. He is really a wonderful and smart dog. The intelligence test is true after all – Shelties are really smart dogs. It only took him three days to potty train and he learned the basic commands pretty much in an instant.

So here’s some things that I considered before I got Troy, my Sheltie:

Size: Medium, since I live in an apartment. Shelties are usually between 13 to 16 inches tall and between 15 to 35 pounds in weight.

Exercise requirement: The Sheltie was originally bred to herd livestock. They love to work! Daily 30 minutes walk is sufficient, however if you do not have the time to do so, they will be happy running around in your house/apartment. They love mind challenging games.

Upkeep and maintenance: Their double coats require them to be brushed daily otherwise they’ll get matted and cause problems. From my experience, my dog actually loves to be brushed. Since he is brushed daily, he hardly sheds.

Intelligence: Shelties are really, really smart dogs!! I’m so impressed.

Watchdog quality: They bark when they hear someone at the door. They are reserved towards strangers but do not show any sign of aggressiveness.

Health Profile: Shelties usually live up to 14 years of age. The common health problems are hip dysplasia.

Temperament: Really, really great dogs! They are mostly a one person dog and are very loyal. They want to please their owners.

In conclusion, I think that shelties are wonderful dogs and my life with Troy had been great!!! I hope that this information is helpful to you to find your four-legged buddy!

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My Sheltie
by: Sandra

I had a Sheltie for about 15 years. I would love to get another one, however I cannot afford to pay thousands of dollars for one even though they are worth it.

If you know of anyone wanting to give one away please contact me: Or any leads would be great! Thanks

Looks just like mine
by: Shari

I saw this picture on pintrest. It looks like a twin to my Sheltie. His name is Junior. I have had dogs all my life but none compare to a Sheltie. As my husband always says "he's not a dog but a human in a fur coat."

by: Charlene

We too had a sheltie. His name was Toby. Unfortunately, we had to put him down this past week due to lung cancer. He was only 7 years old. My husband and I were devastated. He was such a good dog and like you said, very loyal and obedient. I keep looking on sites with shelties to try to ease my pain. They are wonderful dogs but I don't know if I would ever be able to replace him. We also have a dachund who loved Toby too. They used to play together and it was fun watching them together. They were as our neighbors said, "an odd couple!" Thank you for all the positive things you said about shelties. I have pictures to keep of Toby and I even see pictures of other shelties that look like him. They are beautiful dogs!



While I was surfing for Sheltie pics, I found Troy. He looks just like our Harley. Very smart dog. I swear when he cocks his' head, he wants so bad to communicate/talk to us.

Our dog is spoiled rotten and we wouldn't want it any other way! Fur everywhere is a small price to pay for this beautiful addition to our family!

Sad For Your Loss
by: Dog Spoiler/Editor

Hi Matt,

Thanks for adding your comments about the wonderful Sheltie dog breed.

We were sad to hear of your loss but hope that there is some comfort in remembering all the good times you had with Murphy.

It is the hardest thing of all to say goodbye to our treasured dogs. I know how you feel - I mourned my previous dogs for months after they were gone.

The only consolation is that when a dog's quality of life is reduced to days of suffering, or there is no hope of recovery, releasing them from pain is the last kindness we can do for them, even though it causes us great sadness to do so.

I love Shelties
by: Matt Drobnick

Everything you said is absolutely correct. I will never own another breed of animal. I remember when my dad brought my old Snuffy home when I was a wee lad - I was bummed. I said - Dad, it's a girlie lookin dog! 5 minutes later I ate my words and never looked back.

Wonderful creatures these Shetland Sheepdogs are!
Unfortunately, I just had to put down my dog Murphy due to renal failure. I got him as a rescue and he didn't even live another 18 months. A real shame to see such a majestic creature go so young. Seven years old. Needless to say it was difficult.

I don't know how long I am going to wait until I get another Sheltie, but I will never own another breed. They are so beautiful and awesome!

Reply to Amy
by: DPA

Hey Amy, shelties are awesome... I was google-ing the word 'sheltie' today and Troy's picture popped up. I forgot that I posted this article about a year ago. Would love to see your Nico.

Editor Note:

Amy, if you'd like to upload a picture of Nico and tell us about how awesome your Sheltie is, you can do it on this page of our website.

We'd love to have your story.

TWIN shelties!!
by: Amy

I was SHOCKED when i saw your dog Troy! He looks like my Sheltie's TWIN!!! Identical twin! Our Sheltie is Nico, so fun, so loyal and so spoiled!

Would love to share a picture of our dog!! my daughter thought for sure you were posting a picture of our Nico!!

Best wishes from Cypress Tx.

What A Handsome Sheltie!
by: Dog Spoiler/ Editor

Sounds like you really, really love your dog and I can see why.

Beautiful story and beautiful picture!

Thanks for sharing.

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