Redbone Coonhound

by Cara

I love my Redbone Coonhound! My dog is a rescue, and she's grown to be about 55 pounds, and is compact and full of muscle.

Over the past year, she's had no health problems. She sheds minimally, and is brushed only every couple of weeks.

She's very happy, playful, and full of energy. She's quick to jump and isn't afraid of smashing into or falling off of things.

She loves to be around people in the house more than any other dog we've had, especially at night in bed!

She can be rough when she plays, and she has not really been exposed to children. She tries very hard to please, and you can see her isappointment when she gets scolded.

She barks fairly infrequently when she is in the house with people. When she is in the house alone, it seems she barks more.

She is very strong, and tends to pull pretty hard on her lead while on walks, but we're working on that and she's coming along.

She loves to chase animals and bugs in the backyard, and she's a hunter at heart. You can also tell this by the way she plays with toys. She immediately rips the stuffing and squeaker out of any soft toys.

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