Princess And Karli's Gourmet Meals

by Barbara
(Baldwin, NY, USA)

Princess and Karli are my best friends/kids a human could ever have. There is nothing in the world that I won't do to make their quality of life better.

Princess suffers from Bloat (a very dangerous digestion problem suffered by deep chested dogs, like German Shepherds) and has lived through Twisted Stomach.

Unfortunately, most dogs don't make it but her surgery was successful. Since then, everything she would eat, she'd vomit and bloat. It's very painful.

Karli is a Beagle and has a heart murmur. Like most hounds, she's a chow hound and was over weight (even on diet dog kibble).

We wanted to stabilize the problems so I found a Dog Nutritionist in Boston (I'm in NY) and paid for a home made balanced diet. I now cook 21 lbs of Sweet Potato and 15 lbs of ground beef (90% lean)per week, adding vet prescribed supplements, fish oil and safflower oil. With a side dose of Gas-X 1 hour before meals, and then serious quiet time with no excitement, an hour before and after meals.

That means, I have to be certain the mailman isn't going to be around or visitors coming to the door. Princess needs no stimulation whatsoever.

This way the stomach is relaxed and can work well, without pain, upset and vomiting.

This has helped Karli too because she lost 15 lbs and is so much more lively and happy. No heart meds either. Just 6 month sonograms of the heart.

So, yes, they are spoiled; this way I can keep them as long as God lets me. They give me more than I could ever give them. I work 3 jobs so I can pay for the cost of their care, and it's been well over $10,000 to date but with not one day of regret.

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Aug 03, 2014
A Mother's love!
by: Kinny

I would not call your dogs spoiled at all. They are the luckiest dogs in the world to find someone like you who loves them unconditionally.

You are that rare sort of person that every dog thinks their master is. Others would callously have them euthanized or give them away. There is a spot in heaven for all three of you.

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