A Plush Dog Toy For Everyday Fun!

Do your dogs love to play with plush dog toys? Ours certainly do and much to my surprise, they seem to get better treatment than the tougher toys do.

white dog head shot with toy in mouth

I think it has to do with the soft and cuddly nature of them. That's not to say that they won't utterly destroy a new plush dog toy for no apparent reason, and continue to happily play with the remnants of it for days!  Go Figure.

But then, dogs seem to have an almost endless capacity to play especially in their younger years. And, there's no doubt that your energy for throwing a ball or a stick, doesn't match their's. If I'm right, then you'll be glad to have some dog toys around to occupy your dog when you're too pooped to play!

That's why these softies have a place in your dog's toy box, some for more energetic play and others for stress relief.

 Plush Dog Toy - Popular Choices

Yes, dogs do become stressed at times. But the point is, you want to get good mileage out of the toys you select plus keep the cost of toys within reason and make it possible to buy replacements often.

We have a dog that sometimes picks on a toy and rips it apart while leaving other toys alone that he's had for months! Why he picks on a certain toy is a mystery, but the good news is he doesn't eat the stuffing. At least he hasn't so far.

If you have a pet that sometimes, or often, annihilates a plush toy, you might want to choose one of the ones featured here that doesn't have any filling.

Plush Dog Toys With Or Without Stuffing, Squeaker

You will find toys on this page that have light stuffing as well as ones that are unfilled. Most have squeakers and some can be removed if desired or replaced if broken.

What Type of Plush Dog Toy Excites Your Dog?

Here are a few more plush dog toys that either squeak, grunt, roar, crackle, or make animal noises similar to ducks, frogs etc. to cater to every dog's fancy.

While some toys have an interior tough lining, it's impossible to vouch for how long any of them will last, because each dog is unique and plays with their toys in different ways. This is born out by one reviewer saying the toy was still intact after six months and another saying it bit the dust in twenty minutes!

Even some of the more aggressive rascals don't always rip toys apart, while others can make short work of any toy. But even if they do, there's no denying they had fun in the process!

Sometimes it can just be a matter of what mood they're in when given a new plush dog toy. Could be a time you forgot to give them breakfast ha! ha!

A good feature is that most of the toys are washable - even the stuffed ones.

While both puppies and adult dogs may chew up plush toys and never have adverse consequences, there is always the potential for choking!

If this is a worry for you, one way to avoid the chance of this happening is to always be close by when your pet is playing with toys. This is even more important when adding something new to his/her toy box.

So let's get those doggies some plush dog toys!

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