Our Chihuahua's Healthy Spoiling

by Angie Moore-Starks
(Apache Junction, Arizona)

Dog Carrier

Dog Carrier

Ben, the newest resident of the Starks household, is a very healthy, happy and well-socialized Chihuahua, or, our "Little Big Man" as we call him! Here's Ben's story.

Every year at Christmas time, for fifteen years of a very happy marriage, my husband Craig and I have gotten each other something that both of us can enjoy for years to come. Last year in 2007 that gift was our new forty seven inch plasma screen satellite television.

However, this year, since I would be turning forty seven in February, and given that I have diabetes, which combined with another health issue, makes it VERY difficult to keep my blood sugar down, I wanted something LIVING that we could have a wonderful, warm and loving relationship with.

Sooo after a LOT of prayers amd thinking and research, we decided to purchase a purebred Chihuahua puppy, and we really did GOOD with our choice this last Christmas - 2008!

Ben has been in our house since the fifth of February, 2009, and he has slept the entire night through since he arrived. We train him during all the normal events of daily living and he is getting better and better at using his pads for eliminating.

He is also learning to love his new and HUGE play pen and bed for trips to the Dog Park with his BIGGER and older doggie sibs - Steffie, age six, and Beau, age three, both Chow/German Sheperd mixes.

Ben and Beau are developing a special brotherly love for each other, especially since Momma here has been concentrating her energies on training Ben NOT to nip Beau's paws or pull his fluffy tail with his tiny teeth, LOL!

I DO admit to hand feeding Ben because that is what I prefer for him; this allows me to keep track of how much he is eating four times per day since he is only four months old right now and is supposed to eat four times per day until he is six months old. Our vet says that Ben might eat four times per day for the next twenty years of life, because he is SOOO very healthy and tends to keep weight down with LOTS of vigorous running with Beau as well as toy play, too.

Ben is a gorgeously handsome pure white long coated male with beautiful buff colored buttercream spots, just like BK's Prince Regent, his father; he also LOOKS so much like his dear Daddy, that we tell him every day "your Daddy is a pistol, and YOU are a ONE of a gun!"

I like to term what we're doing with Ben as healthy spoiling. With excellent vet care, food, and discipline, our Chihuahua is turning into a real gentleman for us, LOL!

Ben's names are Brendan/"Ben" Thomas Raphael Masterson Starks. His AKC registered name is Cindy's Snowball Prince of Winter to honor both his wonderful breeder and first Momma, Cindy Rutter-Hudson and, his illustrious Daddy - BK's Prince Regent. Plus, Ben was born on the ninth of November, 2008, just as it was getting winter here in Southern Arizona!

Ben's family name is to honor two of my best friends Brendan (for Father Brendan Cahill, and Thomas for dear friend Thomas S.Pilch, aka, "Tom" Pilch). The Raphael is for Saint Raphael the Archangel, because Ben has a very healing spirit about himself, the Masterson is my husband Craig's middle name, and of course our last name,

Although Ben doesn't have a fancy dog carrier yet, or new clothing, I do plan to do some spoiling in this area, our budget permitting, by getting Ben something NEW every month whether it be a new shirt, tank top, harness vest, pair of jammies. or new toys to stimulate his very intelligent little brain, or a new collar and lead and pet carrier so we can go out. And let's NOT forget his Doggles, and his little boots, either!

So that is how my husband and I healthily spoil Ben and of course, Steffie and Beau as well to prevent serious sibling rivalry issues, LOL!

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